winter vacay 2013

So I had this very well-intended plan of sharing our vacation with you back when we took it in November. And then November passed, and I thought to myself that December would be perfect, since it would be a virtual Caribbean escape for those of you stuck in snow. And now I find myself in January. No less behind than I was two months ago, and finally realizing that the busy-ness of business is never going to go away, so it’s kind of a super lame excuse. And thus friends, I bring you (better late than never!) our Thanksgiving vacation!

Whenever we get asked for honeymoon suggestions from our couples we always mention cruises. They are one of our most favorite (and delicious!) ways to travel, and there is no trip better for relaxing and refreshing. So we thought there was absolutely no better way to share some of our vacay pictures than to use them to explain exactly why it is we adore cruising so much. Without further ado, I bring you Sarah & Ben’s top 15 reasons to hop on a cruise ship!


1. Nautical Clothing

It is absolutely no secret that we have a love for all things stripes and polka dots. Mix that with an excuse to wear anchors and captain hats?! Well that sounds like HEAVEN.

(Not to mention that it gives you an excuse to take majestic pictures. I told Ben he TOTALLY looks ready to captain his own ship.)

2. Breakfast in Bed

Any day, any food. You ask for it and it is there! Even if you decide to re-live some of your childhood with something exceptionally colorful and sugar coated. (Because sugar doesn’t count on a boat!)

3. It is the Most Organized Place Ever

Which if you are absolutely anything like me will make your little OCD-esque heart so very happy. Each night, everything you need for the next day is tidily laid out for your convenience. Can can we just talk about how they perfectly lined up all the edges?!

4. New Friends (of the Squishy Variety)

I named the elephant Dorian. Because CLEARLY, that was his name.

5. Everything is Bigger

Bigger hats, bigger boats, bigger sunglasses. And you know I totally embraced the opportunity, because there are few occasions in my day to day life that allow for a ginormous floppy hat.

6. New Food

Because when else will you get a chance to eat legit mofongo?!

7. The Scenery is INSANE

I am preeeettty sure the islanders must get up every day and pour a bit of Kool-Aid in the water every morning because it is SO vividly blue!

8. New Friends (of the Local Variety)

This is Virgil. We spent part of our Thanksgiving day driving around St. Thomas with him, and we LOVED him. He had this amazing (and semi-dirty) Carribean Christmas cd playing the entire time which changed our life. He took the picture of us on the right, and we adored him so much I didn’t even care that it wasn’t in focus!

9. You Get to Wear Your Fancy Pants

Or your fancy dress if your of the lady variety. And who doesn’t love an excuse to get a little dapper?!

10. You Get to be Lazy

There are beaches like these all over where you LITERALLY do not have to move an inch in order to have a daiquiri in your hand. And at the very best places they bring it in a sippy cup so you can bring it in the water. Because nothing, even water, should stand in the way of daiquiri consumption on vacation!

11. Jewelry and Mimosas.

Enough said.

12. Sunsets

Every single night began with the most beautiful sunset. Even after 7 days you never get tired of this view!

13. The Food

There is literally so much amazing food on a cruise that they run out of ways to feed it to you. So instead they turn it into works of art.

14. There is ALWAYS Tons to Do

Whether you are into history, athletics, exploring, or just hanging out with a cocktail there is something for everyone at each port.

15. Bad Selfies

Ok, I know that selfies aren’t exclusive to a cruise, but I think we can all agree they’re more fun on a boat. Right?




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