what is a lifestyle session like?

Fun. Laid back.
100% full of YOU.

Our lifestyle sessions are all about authentic moments. They are about spending some time being completely present with your kids, sans screens, schedules and other life distractions.

In short, lifestyle sessions are full of parenting, not posing. Most of the time, our families forget we’re even there, and that’s exactly how we like it!

And at the end of our time together you’ll receive something more than just a curated gallery, but a time capsule of memories as they are right now, in their perfectly imperfect state.


We've spent over a decade as professional photographers, so it’s no secret that we’re pretty passionate about pictures. Having images on your walls allows you to relive your favorite memories throughout your every day, and having snaps to pass down to your kiddos as they grow is so incredibly special. That said, films capture SO much more of our memories than an image can alone and make such a perfect complement to your session. 

When they’re grown you won’t remember just how small your little ones voice sounds now or how big their belly laugh is, and every time you press play you’ll get to spend a little more time with them as they are right now. We genuinely can’t think of anything more worth saving. When you add a custom film onto your session, we promise it will not only become your children’s favorite reason to ask for screen time, but it will become a cherished family heirloom you’ll want to turn into a yearly tradition.

what else are people saying?

"We had the most special family pictures taken on a normal day, in our own house, that perfectly captured little candid moments from a perspective we normally don't get to see. As if that wasn't enough, the video Ben shot made us cry. We’re not easy to get teary eyed but this pulled at our hearts in the best way possible. Yet again they captured such incredible moments in our life in a way that will forever leave us in awe.”

The champion Family


Nobody likes talking moolah,
but our straightforward pricing structure makes it super easy.

With a session fee of $300 due at the time of booking and post session collections starting at $650, photography sessions are free of surprises and designed around making every step of the journey, from booking to hanging up your favorite prints, easy peazy.

Hybrid session fees are $900, and include the final edited lifestyle film's delivery.*

*tissues not included, but we promise you’re gonna need ‘em.

We're a good fit for you if...

You want to remember how life right now feels even more than just how it looks

You’re excited about embracing connection vs striving for perfection

You don’t want stiffly posed family portraits and are ready to have some fun

You don’t mind cheesy jokes and impromptu dance parties


Let's make your memories last

We’re not about adding “print my pictures” to your permanent to do list.

As passionate as we are about taking pictures, we’re even more invested in what happens to them once your gallery is delivered. It’s why every collection includes credit to our online store, making it fast and easy to get images off the screen and into your home. 

frequently asked QUESTIONS

1. Do you travel, and where to?

Most definitely! Whether you’re just up the road or a flight away, we are always excited to come to whatever part of the world you call home. Travel is worked out on a per session basis, so reach out and let us know your plans!

2. How early should I book?

We book sessions up to a year in advance, so if you have a specific date in mind we recommend reaching out as soon as possible. Weekend dates tend to book up fastest, while weekdays can sometimes accommodate more last minute sessions. Sessions are generally booked about 4-6 weeks in advance.

3. How do we prepare for our session?

The best thing about lifestyle family sessions is that they actually require a whole lot less planning on your part. You don’t have to worry about finding perfectly matching outfits for everyone, or choosing a specific location (unless you want to shoot somewhere other than your home). We’ll send a few tips for preparing your home for the day of our shoot as well as some activity ideas, but other than that you just have to be ready to be yourself. 

4. Will you give us advice on what to wear?

Absolutely! After we get your session booked you’ll get our full Prep Guide with detailed information on wardrobe recommendations for the whole family. 

5. What if my kids don’t want to cooperate?

As parents ourselves, we are totally used to tantrums, arguments, and all the loud messy chaos that comes along with little ones. Kids are unpredictable, which is what makes them one of our favorite things to document. We can’t stress enough how little it matters to us if this happens, and promise we’re never ones to judge (because we’ve absolutely BEEN THERE). Put your mind at ease and know that we’re pros when it comes to finding beautiful moments within the messy stuff. 

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