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We're Sarah and Ben

This is usually the space where people talk about how they just can’t stop making Starbucks runs or the thrill they get when packing a suitcase for their next European adventure. And maybe those things are true. But they don’t really play any part in shaping who we are or why we do what we do. So instead, we want to tell you about the things that truly fill our hearts and days.

We’re college sweethearts who started dating on a small town boardwalk as Billie Holiday played on an old school boombox and the clock struck midnight. We spend every single day working side by side, and while some people make jokes that we’ll get sick of each other, there simply is no place else we’d rather be.

We’re parents to a tiny human who we (oh so partially) think may just be the quirkiest, silliest, smartest little person to ever exist. And after the four year infertility journey that brought us to him we have the deepest appreciation for the adventure that is parenthood.

We’ve been documenting the biggest days of people’s lives since 2010 and we truly love every single minute spent capturing weddings. But on the day we became parents, something inside of us changed, and now the little things seem like the ones most worth saving. Because we can tell you from experience that they’re the ones to disappear the fastest.

And if you’re still feeling curious - we’re obsessed with our Nespresso machine, off-beat comedies like Arrested Development and days spent at Disney World. We also wouldn’t mind packing a suitcase for Italy at a moment’s notice.

Love + Laughs (+ hope to see you soon!)
Sarah & Ben

Before we are anything else, we are parents to a little boy who is growing far too fast. And we know firsthand just how real the worry is when you think of documenting your kiddos childhood enough before it’s gone. Before their voices aren’t quite as soft and their small toes don’t leave those little slapping sounds on the floor. We know that as parents we want nothing more than to save this littleness before it disappears, and we want to help you do the same. This time is fleeting, and none of us are going to get a second chance at making sure we’ve properly saved it.

In Saving the Little Things.

There's nothing more your kids will treasure when they’re big than pictures of you all together when they were small. We want to make sure that the heroes of their story are a part of it, not hidden behind the camera taking all those pictures. And in case you haven’t asked your kids lately, that hero is you.

In Proof of Moms and Dads.

We want to show you the beauty in the chaos. We want to celebrate this chapter of life as it looks right now. We want to save your real, loud, syrup in the hair at the breakfast table, mis-matched pajamas (if you’ve managed to get pants on them at all ;) kids and the actual ways you live and love. We want to capture you in the place with the pencil marks on the wall that document how much they’ve grown, because the place your everyday life unfolds within will never not be in style. In short, we simply want to bottle up life as you know it.

In the Magic of Everyday Moments.

we believe...

We’re on a mission to value real life over reel life...

We're all about connection over perfection, and we truly want nothing more than to document your perfectly imperfect family as it is. These are the good old days friends, and we couldn’t be more excited to help you save them exactly as they are.