the little things: the nice words

Happy Friday, Sarah here! It’s that time again, so get ready for another round of The Little Things! If you’re new to this series, start with the very first post HERE, and if you’re not, welcome back! Let’s get into my favorite little things from last month!

The Little Things: December 2015

The Nice Words

 I am going to cheat a little bit this month and instead of sharing all of the little things I loved about last month (including Ben taking me on a date to see one of my all time Broadway faves Sutton Foster and how he snuck me a New Year’s kiss in the middle of shooting a super fun New Year’s wedding) I am just going to share my single most favorite little thing. Because this single little thing may dwarf them all. It’s the kind that makes me teary just thinking about it as I write this. (And aren’t those the very best kind?)

There is a weird ritual that has developed over the course of Ben and I’s ten year relationship. I’m not sure where it came from or when it exactly started, but from time to time I turn to him and ask “Can I have some nice words?” And sometimes the words are silly (like the time he said “I find your ability to make hideous faces very attractive”) and sometimes they are just the sweetest things I’ve ever heard (like the other day when he told me how excited he was to be old together one day). No matter what our mood is or what we’re doing, if I ask, Ben always says something to put a smile on my face.

So this year, when Christmas came and it was time to chat about what we each wanted for Christmas, I jokingly said I simply wanted some nice words. (Because what girl doesn’t?!) And after that fleeting conversation our hectic life went on, and I didn’t give gifts another thought.

But then, the morning of the 25th arrived. And in the very bottom of a gift bag I found something unexpected. At the bottom of that bag, inside of a red envelope, I found this:

FullSizeRender (1)

And these were not just any nice words or a simple writing of the things he had said to me before. This was a five page letter of the sweetest words that have ever been written. (I may be a liiiiittttle biased, but I am pretty sure Ben has officially given Shakespeare and his sonnets a run for his money). Which is how I found myself full on ugly crying in the middle of the Christmas morning gift opening festivities. The real kind, with full on snot bubbles and muffled sobs and everything. Ya know, like a lady.

And while I’d love to share every word of that letter with you all (because there are few things I love more than glorifying and celebrating the fact that real life love stories most definitely do exist) something about this feels a little different. Like it’s just for me. Like even though the whole world obviously knows we’ve promised each other our forevers, only I know the depth of his heart. Which luckily for me, is the heart I get to reside in for the rest of my days.

So while I’m not going to share it all with you, I leave you with this.

“….. we may have six dogs, a cow and chickens or we may just have Charlotte. All these things are going to define our life together, but the only thing that can truly define my life is you. You make my life worthwhile and you will turn time into promise and fortune and happiness and love . . . “

We got Tattoos by Sarah & Ben_0004

Okay. And then she was blubbering all over again.

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies! Go out and say something sweet to the people you love most. Because any time is the right time to fill someone’s heart.

Love + Laughs,


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