the friday five

Happy Friday everyone! It’s the end of the week, which means it’s time for the Friday Five! We had a super eventful week, full of out of town weddings, workshops, and seeing past brides. It was a pretty great week!

This week’s FAB Five:

  1. My Sseko sandals.They came and they are AMAZING! Seriously, I spent about 3 hours tying and un-tying them when they first arrived. The options are endless!
  2. The Ermahgerd Girl. If you haven’t seen these memes yet you need to stop reading this right now and go Google it. I won’t even be offended that you won’t read the rest. They are THAT funny. Ben and I have taken to talking loudly to each other in the ermahgerd voice in Target. Ermagherd! Mershed Perderders!
  3. Justin & Mary’s Lighting Intensive. This workshop was beyond fabulous, and was the highlight of our week. We both learned so much and we can’t wait to put it all into action! Here’s a picture from the ever so awesome Jessica Connery Photography of Ben and I from the workshop.
  4. Cupakes. I know, I know. No surprise. But at Bri and Sam’s wedding this week they had the most delish mini cupcakes. And they were mini. So I totally didn’t feel bad for eating more than one. Or more than four.
  5. Love is the Killer App. Just finished reading this book this week and it was SO good. For anyone who owns their own business (or just interacts with people in general) this is a MUST read.


This Week’s UN-FAB Five:

  1. Tickets. Like the kind you get for not being able to stop in time at a red light. Which coincidentally also happens to be the kind we got this week. Big time frowny face.
  2.  Running out of pumpkin spice Eggos. Enough said.
  3. The fact that there are only TWO episodes of True Blood left. Seriously. How did this season go by so fast?!
  4. Me, for being a big time slacker! Ben just pointed out that we never did anything with all of the pictures from our cruise back in MARCH. I am totally setting out to change that this coming week.
  5. Dog toys. Because they are either lying about being indestructible, or Charlotte has super-dog teeth. Although she has been displaying a bit of spidey-sense lately, so it could definitely be the latter.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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