the friday five

Okay. We all know that I am crazy. And far too obsessed with organization. And I just have to have a bit of consistency in all aspects of life. With that said, I have really been wanting to have some sort of weekly post here on the blog that happens every week. No matter where we are, or what we’re working on, something that is constant.

Today marks the start of a new weekly feature on the blog, where I am going to share five random things that have either rocked my week, and five things that I totally could have done without. I would love to hear all about YOUR week in the comment section, so definitely feel free to chime in every week with your own Friday Five!


This week’s FAB five:

  1. Fuzzy socks. Because they make rainy days THAT much better.
  2. Coffee ice cream with Cocoa Crispies cereal on top. If you haven’t tried this yet, you’re welcome. My dad taught me this trick at 5, and I’ve been indulging ever since.
  3. AHHH-MAZING light, like we had at yesterday’s wedding. Can we just walk about how gorg this is?! If I could knit it into a blanket and cover myself in it every day, I would. But I guess first I would need to learn how to knit.
  4. A husband who belts Whitney Houston in the car with me at midnight. Even if he does hit the high notes better than me.
  5. Headbands. I know, NERD ALERT. But now that my mullet pixie cut has grown out, I am sportin’ my sparkly headbands pretty much every day. Because nothing spiffs up sweatpants like some sparkly accessories.


This week’s UN-FAB Five:

  1. Snack size bags of popcorn. Even though they are preeettty enticing with their 100 calorie goodness, it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to make one without burning some of it. Maybe that’s why it’s “snack size”, you really only get to eat half the bag.
  2. I realized this week (when not one but TWO different people pointed it out) that Charlotte is looking a bit “healthier”. Which is the polite, nurturing mom way of saying she is getting fat. At least her face is still looking svelte. 
  3. Junk mail. We seem to have acquired a pretty decent sized collection of coupon flyers and political ads in our backseat. If you are into extreme-couponing you can TOTALLY come and clip some in the back seat of our Fit.
  4. We had to get a new car battery this week, and I absolutely DESPISE spending money on things like this. Things that we obviously have to have, but I don’t really see or feel like we’re getting use out of. Like do we really need a car battery?! Think about how many cupcakes that would have been.
  5. Laundry. That never. ever. EVER goes away. And there are only 2 of us in the house! I am not sure where all of it comes from, but I am convinced that someone must break into our house when we’re gone and wear our clothes.


Happy Friday everyone! I hope your weekend is full of tons of Fab things!

Love + Laughs,




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