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This past weekend was my 26th birthday, and because so many people have called and messaged to ask what Ben did I thought I’d share on the blog. Because:

1) He has a pretty fabulous reputation when it comes to surprises (especially after our whirlwind surprise vacation)

2) He did such an awesome job documenting the entire thing that I figured I just HAD to share.

And because, well, it was just plain AWESOME. As in the best day EVER. For realsies.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The day started around 10, which was good because I def needed a little extra sleep after our amazing wedding the day before. (Hence the sleepy eyes)

Birthday Rule # 1: Looking like a tired mess is totally allowed on your birthday. In fact, you’re just a little bit older so people expect it ; ) 

We got in the car, and after about 30 minutes of driving wound up at stop number one for some delish post-wedding brunch.

Not to mention the biggest mimosa (which was so cutely called a Max-a-mosa) of my LIFE.

I drank the whole thing, but only because I knew how much work Ben had put into planning the day. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I just adore all things champagne ; )

Birthday Rule # 2: Drink large quantities of champagne. Preferably with one pinky out (all fancy like). 

Obligatory food picture. Because when things are this delicious they just have be documented.

Yes, you are seeing correctly. My breakfast came on a bed of tater tots. Does life get any better?

Answer: NO.

Birthday Rule # 3: There is no such thing as too many carbs.

Every carb you eat actually brings you a bit more good luck in the year to come. True story.

So brunch was over (and I may have walked out of there with a little bit of a Maxamosa wobble, and we headed to stop  number two.

And when we got there, I was surprised with a private, 1-on-1 makeup lesson at Mac.

Which I may or may not have been hinting at wanting for the past 2 years.

Birthday wishes DO come true!

Birthday Rule # 4: Be beautified (because everyone deserves to feel gorgeous on their birthday!)

After the lesson (which was AMAZING) they sent me home with a pretty awesome mock-up of what they did.

I told Ben I think her and I look ALMOST identical. ALMOST.

Our third stop was the most magical stop of our day. And as I sit here writing this I’m not sure I am going to be able to do it justice. But I’ll try.

After walking casually around the mall for a bit, we wound up at J.Crew (which is one of my all time favorites.)

Ben said we were just killing time, but he was WAY too into looking at their coasters (who knew they sold coasters at J.Crew?)

so I knew something must be up.

A minute later a woman came to help us, welcomed us to our appointment, and showed us back to a huge dressing room.

Friends, this is where life got AMAZING.

As she opened the door, there were clothes EVERYWHERE.

But not in a mish-mash, messy, overwhelming way.

In an organized, outfits already paired with shoes and accessories, I didn’t have to sort through clothing racks at all way.

It was MAGIC.

For our final stop Ben had made me a personal shopper appointment at J.Crew (which I had no idea was even a thing!), told the woman all my size info and what I liked, and then she did the rest.

This is the smile of a girl who was near happy tears.

Birthday Rule #5: It’s ok (and at times EXPECTED) to cry from birthday induced happiness. 

Oh J.Crew magic. She even knew of my love for a good Peter Pan collar.

Starting the 2 hour process of trying things on. This whole thing made my anal-retentive-things-must-be-tidy heart so very happy.

This is the part of the shopping experience where I was twirling like a fool because I just felt so stinkin’ happy.

Twirling so much in fact that I didn’t even realize Ben documenting my craziness . .

And then I broke into embarrassed laughter.

Birthday Rule # 6: You should twirl AT LEAST once on your birthday. Twice if you’re feeling crazy. But NEVER ever three times.

That could result in a very serious twirling injury.

(For reference Google the twirling incident of ’72).

Our cute little waters (because shopping is SUPER hard work).

After two hours I had finally narrowed everything down. I was stoked! And Ben was just exhausted.

Afterwards we had a little bubble of time before dinner, so on came the birthday girl photo shoot.

I tried to work it a little, but mostly just kept bursting into fits of best-day-ever laughter.

Birthday Rule #7: Spend it with someone who makes your heart feel so full it could burst.

Almost like your heart ate 1,000 of the best red velvet cupcakes ever.

THAT kind of happy full. 

Then it was time for dinner! Why yes, that lobster is using that steak as a plate. And yes, I ate the whole thing.

More champagne and dessert. Because, well, I didn’t need a because. It was my birthday.

Birthday Rule #7: More Champagne. It’s your birthday. You deserve it. 

And with that, we went home, I put on my end of day yoga pants, and we cuddled on the couch with Charlotte.

Which was the absolute perfect ending to a the most perfect of 26th birthdays <3

Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. Brittany Galvan says:

    you two are so adorable!! I love how in love you both are <3 Ben, is one great catch, and what a better way to show you how lucky he is then to plan this awesome date. He's so stinkin thoughtful. Nicholas Sparks would be inspired by ya'll. xoxox

  2. Ryan Christine Whitney says:

    What a FUN birthday! Well done, Ben. David will have to read this post for pointers for my next birthday 😉 Looks like you had the most amazing day, which is good because you deserve it! <3

  3. Sarah Conboy says:

    You guys are too cute.

  4. Kim Hohman says:

    So stinkin’ cute. I adore your blogs. Miss you guys.

  5. Sarah McLachlan says:

    Thanks lovelies! He definitely did a pretty fabulous job of spoiling me 🙂

  6. Emily Elizabeth says:

    What a fun way to spend the day! Glad that you spent your birthday being spoiled!

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