happy birthday sarah

Happy Birthday Sarah

Let me drop a little history on you fine folks who follow us here on the blog. Tuesday is the best day ever created. Some may disagree and say it is Friday or Saturday, but I will interject with this fact:

  1. Tuesday is considered the second day of the weekdays, and as the old saying goes, first is the worst (Monday, I agree) and second is the best (Tuesday) which then means third (Wednesday) is the one with a hairy chest.
  2. Named after Tiw or Tyr, the Norse God of Victory and Glory.
  3. My Wife was born on a Tuesday

Not only was Sarah born on Tuesday, October 20th it was on that Tuesday that the Dow Jones increased 102.27 points and set a record for shares traded in a day. Those Wall Street guys know what is going on and they were “all in” that this girl was going to be amazing.

I am truly one of the luckiest people in the world to share my personal and professional life with not only the most loving person on the earth, but the girl who was born when Michael Jackson’s “Bad” was number 1 on the charts! Which by the way was the first record I ever bought and still one of my favorites! Coincidence?

Tonight your reign as the birthday princess will come to a close, but I hope you remember your quarter-century mark fondly and run slap happily in love with me, hand in hand, to your half-century birthday and beyond!

Love, (because the laughter is implied)



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