halloween 2013

Happy Halloween everyone! After Charlotte’s first Halloween last year, where she ever so stylishly rocked her Mermaid Princess outfit, we’ve decided that it will be somewhat of a tradition for her to dress up every year. Because when you have no kids, spending an hour getting a decent picture of your dog in costume seems like a TOOOOTAAALLY reasonable task.

(Yes, we are those people. The ones I used to judge. And I have just come to the point where I accept it.)

So a couple months ago we started throwing around ideas about what she would be. For a while she was going to be a bride, because we thought that would be the PERFECT way to celebrate halloween on our wedding blog, but then something monumental happened in Charlotte’s life. One of her favorite shows had the very last episode of the very last season, and she was distraught. She cried. She binged on treat, and refused to get our of her dog bed for a week straight. It was only when we told her she could celebrate her love for the show on Halloween that life around the McLachlan house could get back to normal.


So, without further ado, I give you Charlotte’s tribute to one of the greatest shows of all time. . . . .

If you are a hardcore Breaking Bad fan like Charlotte (and just possibly Ben and I) this totally makes sense to you.

If not, let me just explain that

1) Yes. We dressed our dog up in a pseudo-haz mat suit and safety goggles to simulate what she would look like in a meth lab.

2). You need to watch Breaking Bad. Like, RIGHT NOW.

For those of you that are fans, I know what you’re thinking. You are absolutely shocked that something as cute as Charlotte would be such a huge Breaking Bad groupie (nevertheless a Heisenberg fan), but she really is. So much so that she begged us to do a second round of pictures with a fedora and goatee, but we had to put our foot down SOMEWHERE.

 Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!




  1. Katie Carey says:

    LOVE. This. So cute.

  2. Maggie Ashley says:

    Hilarious! I love her 🙂

  3. Ben Daniele says:

    So funny you guys! Literally rolling on the floor while hallucinating on meth!! Haaa!

  4. Kimberly Haddrell says:

    Where did you get the doggie boiler suit?! Having a breaking bad themed party for my boyfriends birthday and would LOVE to dress our pup up like this! Xx

  5. Sarah & Ben says:

    @Kimberly Haddrell it is actually just a doggie rain suit we found on ebay! They have them for super cheap, and then we just cut the reflective bits off 🙂 Hope the party goes great!

  6. Eric Kuhn says:

    This is awesome

  7. […] our crew last year the tradition got even sweeter. There was the year we dressed Charlotte up as Heisenberg (complete with a bag of the blue good stuff ; ) and the year we paid tribute to the most badass […]

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