thanksgiving 2013

Our Thanksgiving looks a little different this year. It is full of a few more daiquiris than drumsticks. We’re watching the waves instead of the Macy’s parade and we’re just a bit tanner than usual. But even though all of that is different we are still every bit as thankful as in year’s past. Thankful for each other, for a dog who is just as patient as she is cute (even when that means being shoved into a sweater for the 50th time) and thankful for families who support us in every adventure we embark on. Thankful for this incredible life we get to live each and every day doing something that fills our hearts.

Today and every day we are thankful for each and every one of you. Who follow our blog, invite us into your lives, and give us the immeasurable gift of spending your best day ever right by your side. And even though today is the official day that everyone is supposed to announce their most thankful thanks, we hope you know how thankful you make us feel every single day.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Caribbean!


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