tuesday tips: making your photographer’s job easy

So as you all know by now (because we may have mentioned it just a FEW times) we are currently bobbing around somewhere in the Caribbean, celebrating Thanksgiving week by consuming far too many umbrella’d beverages. But we of course had to leave some fun stuff behind on the blog, so today we’ll be bringing you some Tuesday Tips. This time around we’re focusing on things you can do to make your wedding photographer’s job easier. I know, I know. You’re thinking that this is a totally selfish post where we are going to be telling you to bring your photog unlimited amounts of cupcakes and some sweatpants to work in, but we promise it’s not. (Unless you are incredibly determined to, and then who are we to stop you?!)

The truth is that while all of these tips will indeed make your photographer’s job easier, they will also make your day more enjoyable and your images come out better. Which sounds like a win for everyone involved!


It’s All in the Details

We (and just about every other wedding photog on the PLANET) adore shooting the details of the day. After all, sometimes the smallest things have the biggest meaning! Just make sure to give your photographer a heads up about that meaning before the big day. Maybe you are carrying a handkerchief that was actually your grandmother’s, but to anyone else it may not look like anything out of the ordinary. Give your photographer the inside scoop on any extra sentimental details (beyond the normal wedding day accessories) so they will  be sure to give them extra attention.


Do Your Homework

Whether it’s through online forms, email, or old-school paper, every good wedding photographer will send you some pre-wedding day homework to make the day run smoothly. This is where they will get all of the info they need for the day of, from the family formal groupings to the church restrictions, and we promise you this is not something you want to skip. Most wedding days run on a tight timeline, and without the family formal list your post-wedding family shots can go from taking 15 minutes to 30. And without knowing which shots were actually important to you, your photographer can’t play bouncer when your Aunt Sandy is asking for individual portraits with each of your 17 cousins.


Get a Case of Pinterest Disinterest

We all know how amazing Pinterest is. The frilly cakes, the crafts with step-by-step directions, and of course all of the wedding gorg-ness. What’s not to love? Pinterest is an awesome tool to help with wedding planning INSPIRATION, but shouldn’t be used for IMITATION. Get some ideas, plan your day, and then let your day be just that. Yours. No photographer loves getting a shot list with a million images they are supposed to recreate from some other couple’s wedding day. Shots that happened under specific lighting, time, and location circumstances that may just be impossible to recreate. So use your Pinterest board to let your photographer get an idea of the things you like, and then let them create your own unique Pin-worthy images that truly express the two of you.


Skip the Surprises

No, we aren’t saying that a wedding day should be surprise-free (because those moments are sometimes the very best part!), it should just be surprise-free for your photog. Surprising your groom with a fabulous groom’s cake or planning a full on musical revue during the reception? Make sure to tell your photographer about it ahead of time so that they are in the right place at the right time to get the awesome shots of everyone’s reactions! We can keep a secret. PROMISE.


Trust…It’s Kind of a Big Deal

By your wedding day, you and your photographer should be besties. Afterall, you picked them to document your big day for a reason, right? And one of the biggest aspects of a bestie relationship is trust. Trust your photographer and it will not only make their job easier but will allow you to relax and truly enjoy your wedding day. Sometimes, we photographers do things (and ask YOU to do things) that just seem straight up weird. Just know that we’re doing them to get you the absolute best pictures of your big day!

Hope this was helpful, and if you are still feeling like you NEED to do something extra feel free to go out and get that aforementioned cake and sweatpants. Your photographer will love you ; )

Happy Tuesday friends!



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