palmetto riverside bed & breakfast wedding: bethany + jeremy

Jeremy and Bethany are married! They had a beautiful winter themed wedding at the stunning Palmetto Riverside Bed & Breakfast last weekend that was filled with so many gorgeous details. Bethany completed her wedding day look with a snowflake necklace and the most perfect pair of wintery heels, and Jeremy looked preeeetty dapper beside her in his bowtie and medals!

We adored their alter during the ceremony, which was framed by crystal draped flowers and a chandelier, and the fact that they had a family prayer circle at the end. We both found our eyes getting just a little teary as all of their individual family members came together around them to say a prayer for the couple and Bethany’s dad who couldn’t make it. It was SUCH an insanely sweet moment.

During the reception, which was lit by twinkly lights and candles, there were s’mores (or as I call them “schmos”) for the guests to make, and a round of the shoe game that ended with a performance of the chicken dance. And who doesn’t love a good chicken dance?! At the very end of the night the send off had not only sparklers but SNOW. Yes, that’s right, snow came to Florida for this December wedding and it was just about the most magical thing ever! We all laughed so hard over the full on blizzard that the two of them had to run through to get to the end!

Bethany and Jeremy, we felt so humbled by the experience of documenting your big day. Thank you for having us, and for allowing us to be there for such special and intimate moments with your family. We wish you guys so much happiness!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben

Hair & Makeup: Cari Collinsworth

Coordinator: Kathy Taylor

Florist: Ms Scarletts flowers

Caterer & Cake Design: Harrys Continental Kitchens

DJ: Chris Grainger w/ Graingertainment

String Trio:  Strings Attached

Venue: Palmetto Riverside Bed & Breakfast


  1. Jennifer Lynn Wilson says:

    What a beautiful wedding!! Excellent pictures. Love it:)

  2. Rachel McConnell says:

    Absolutely beautiful, Beth!! Looks like you had a wonderfully fun day! And AAALLL those smiles!! I bet your cheeks hurt from being so happy!!

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