paris:the video

All through our vacay Ben was constantly taking all of these little video snippets, and yesterday he surprised with the sweetest montage video of our time in Paris. And now that I’ve dried my eyes enough to hit the publish button, I of course wanted to share it with you all! Enjoy this teeny tiny peek into the most grand of adventures <3



  1. June Gillies says:

    Fantastic. Xxxx

  2. Mabel Pui Mun McLean says:

    Just wow x

  3. Duncan Mclean says:

    very good

  4. John McLachlan says:

    I never tire of watching this. A wonderful documentation of two happy folk that I am very proud of. Love you both DIL…

  5. John Mclean says:

    Love it!

  6. Michelle LaMothe says:

    This is just….wow.

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