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eurotrip 2014: paris

We are officially back, caught up, and ready to share all about our trip! After what was honestly the trip of a lifetime we are filled with such a mix of emotions now that we are back to our little piece of the planet. We are excited to be home and see all of the familiar faces we love so much (including our little furball) but also a little sad now that it is time to get back into the swing of real life again. From shooting our very first international wedding to having our own day out in Paris documented (and all of the adventures in between) this trip was full of so many little moments and memories that neither of us will ever forget. And because it was full of so much awesome we of course can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Our trip started with five days in Paris, which we were so beyond stoked for. Since we had done the touristy side of Paris before we knew we didn’t want to see the Mona Lisa again or climb the Eiffel Tower. We simply wanted to BE in the city the way the locals are there, and see it for all that it is outside of the berets and baguettes that tourists usually see it for.  Well friends, that mission was accomplished. For five days we lived the very slow-paced, leisure-filled Parisian life and it was absolutely perfect. We picnicked in Luxembourg Gardens (complete with wine and cheese of course!), saw a concert at one of my most favorite places in the entire city, ventured out to Versailles, ate far too much delicious food, got up before the sunrise to have the city to ourselves, and cuddled beneath an umbrella as we walked along the Seine. There were so many moments that it would be impossible for me to describe them all, so instead I’ll let the images do the talking.

Hope you fall in love with Paris just as we have.

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0018Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0019Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0001Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0020Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0021Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0002Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0022Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0004Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0024Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0025Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0026Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0027Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0023Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0003Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0028Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0029Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0030Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0017Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0031Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0032Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0033Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0008Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0034Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0035Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0037Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0005Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0038Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0006Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0040Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0041Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0042Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0043Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0044Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0045Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0007Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0046Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0047Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0052Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0049Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0048Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0050Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0051Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0016Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0053Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0054Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0055Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0015Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0056Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0057Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0058Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0060Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0079Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0014Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0059Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0063Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0013Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0064Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0065Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0066Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0067Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0068Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0070Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0069Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0071Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0072Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0009Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0073Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0074Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0011Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0075Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0012Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0010Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0076Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0078


  1. Jeff Parks Sr says:

    Amazing pictures!!! Thanks for sharing…. now Lisa is really going to want to go.

  2. Charlene Durgin says:

    I really want to go now!! Great photos

  3. Amalie Orrange Photography says:

    Oh my goodness guys these are great!! I went a week after you did and I love the totally different perspective , I think my favorite is Sarah feeding the birds 🙂

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