christmas 2013

It’s officially that time.

Time to be present.

To eat far too many sugar cookies and maybe decorate a few.

To don our most festive sweaters and drink hot cocoa (even though here we should be partaking in the iced version while sporting tank tops).

Time to watch Home Alone for the 100th time, and still feel all mushy at the end.

To sleep in a little longer and cuddle a little closer.

To take a break from computers.

To stop for a minute amongst all of the amazing day-to-day chaos that is life and just look at how lucky we truly are.

It’s time to try egg nog (just like we do every year) and realize we still don’t like it.

To put silly hats on Charlotte and make it up to her with extra treats.

Time to wish each and every one of you the Merriest (and most yummiest) Christmas possible full of so very much love.

See you after Christmas!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben & Charlotte


  1. Ashley M Davis says:

    Charlotte is not amused.

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