So you got to see Emily and Brent’s GORG wedding day on the blog last week, and we thought it would be fun to share some of the behind the scenes stuff from our weekend in Maryland today! We had the very best time exploring DC, and getting to see the absolutely adorable town of St. Michael’s. It was like a a place from a different time, with the cutest little main street and cottages. We instantly fell in love and decided St. Michael’s will be the place we retire when we’re old and gray and doing crosswords. (Well, more crosswords than we already do now). It was just the CUTEST. But speaking of cutest, let’s get to the picturey goodness!


We got a free upgrade on our rental car simply because Ben bonded with the woman over prime rib. Best day EVER!


After trying to navigate the crazy DC traffic, we parked and decided to do our tour on foot.

First stop? The Washington Monument!


I of course had to be a cheeseball and make Ben do a leaning on the monument picture (even though he protested).


And because he didn’t get into it enough, I then had to show him how it was done ; )


The long (and windy) walk to The Lincoln Memorial.

There’s just something Abe-out this picture that makes it so Abe-solutely Abe-mazing.

 Hanging out with Barack for a bit. Ya know. As one does.

And then, after seeing the Declaration, eating a beer-battered cheeseburger, and walking most of DC in 5 hours (crazy, right?!) we headed to St. Michael’s.

St. Michael’s is the cutest little town, with tons of old boats, charming cottages, and (of course) crabs!

Can we just talk about this?! I am pretty sure I am meant to live here. Or at least own a summer home/yacht.

This place was GORGEOUS.

A lighthouse AND killer sunset? I DIE.

We just adored every bit of this trip and cannot wait to go back some day!

A HUGE thank you again to Emily + Brent for inviting us up to document their wedding day! It was a blast : )

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


  1. Kim Hohman says:

    Hey Guys! Glad you got to see st mikes! I love that lil town! So cute and perfect 🙂

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