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Some days, you wake up with a million things in your head, and a conscience that tells you how every single one of those million things needs to be done at once. And even though you know it is absolutely ludicrous to expect that much of any single person, you expect if of yourself. Because, you’re you, and you should be able to conquer it all. And on those days, I try to stop for a minute and notice the good things. The things that, no matter how small, make life a little brighter and the load feel a little easier to bear. Here are some of the good things seeing me through this crazy week, I hope at least one of them brings you some smiley goodness too!

Love + Laughs,





Have you had these? I the answer is no you need to go to the store and fix this PRONTO.

They look like regular old green grapes, taste like cotton candy, and are absolutely AMAZING.

This, my friends, is some Willy Wonka magic.





We used to be die hard Pandora fans, but lately we’ve been loving 8 Tracks! It is just like Pandora in that it plays random songs, but instead of typing in an artist or song you pick key words based on what you want to hear.

Feel like something both “happy” AND “indie”?

8 Tracks has got you covered!

And I love it just a LIIITTTLE bit more because it introduced me to . . .




I am OBSESSED with this group. In four minutes they undo every trashy, horrible, twerky feeling Miley associated with this song.

And now I can like it once again without feeling guilty. ; )




Can anyone REAAALLLY say they love exercising?

If you say yes, I would partially have to question your sanity. So this one is kind of a cheat.

No, I do not love Jillian.

Or the tears she has made me cry for the past month as I have lunged, punched, and crunched

my way through her 30 day Shred. But I can say that I love the results, and the feeling of actually completing a workout regime

for the first time ever! If your looking for a super fast (it’s only 20 minutes) workout that WORKS, you need to check this out : )




Especially  the just because kind, that come home along with other random things like new coffee and a baking pan.

That, my friends, is love.



Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope this week is full of SO so many good things!


  1. What! I’m obsessed with the doo wop version of We Can’t Stop, too! Have you heard the one they did for the Selena Gomez song? That one is also awesome.

  2. Sarah & Ben says:

    Mary I have stalked their ENTIRE Youtube channel! If you have 8 Tracks check out a station called Jazz Hands, it comes up as an option if you select pop and jazz. You will LOVE it!

  3. Sarah & Ben says:

    P.S…..We are TWINS <3

  4. Ryan Christine Whitney says:

    I’m OBSESSED with cotton candy grapes!!!

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