surprise vacation: part iii

Alright everyone. You hung out with us in Chicago during Part I, went on a Vermont adventure in Part II, and now we’ve officially arrived at Part III. I am so excited to share the last chunk of our trip with you guys, and yet a teeny tiny part of me feels sad because after we’re done here that means the trip is officially over. But that’s why you have pictures, right?! So let’s pick-up where we left off. . .


We arrived by train to our third and final stop…and caught our very first glimpses from the train. What’s that skyline you see?

Oh, you know, just NEW YORK!

After getting our stuff settled, and eating some much needed New York style pizza (because we HAD to do the Chicago – New York comparison!) we headed to The Comedy Cellar for some stand-up.

The next morning we had brunch at the ever adorable August. The outside dining area was in this little greenhouse. SO. CUTE.

Sleepy brunch eyes. Gosh I love this guy.

Amazing french toast was kind of a theme of this trip. I may just change Ben’s official vacay title from “The Love + Laughs Tour” to “French Toast Fest 2013”. I just may.

After brunch we visited 30 Rock, where we did a studio tour.

. . . And then HAD to stop at Magnolia for a cupcake or two. Only because New York would have been insulted if we didn’t. . . . .

And what better place to eat a cupcake than the middle of Times Square?!

Ben and his bro-ski. There were some preeeettty amazing outtakes before we arrived at this winner ; )

I have no words for this. But I documented it and am sharing with you all now, so that you know of the terror that is roaming the streets of NY. Does this not terrify anyone else?!

After some improve at the UCB Theater, we headed to EO for cockatils. It was the swankiest of swanky speakeasies.

The next morning started with bagels! This was the one and only thing that didn’t follow Ben’s plans. We had brunch reservations at a super fun place, but maaaay have overslept. I blame EO.

Then it was off to The Natural History Museum. You may not know this about me, but I toooottaaallly nerd out for this stuff.

Afterwards, we got on the train and headed towards Central Park. All I knew about this day ahead of time, was that I was supposed to wear something nicer than every day clothes. Why you may ask? Because we were going here. . . .

Afternoon Tea at the Ritz Carlton! Perhaps one of my most favorite things from the entire trip. The whole thing was full of so much old school romance. . . .

So they call this “afternoon tea”. However, what they don’t tell you about in the subtext of that, is that there is an INSANE amount of delish mini snacks.

No to mention the very best scone EVER. . .  . .

After leaving we walked around for a bit (trying to get rid of the food nausea that had set in by the third multi-tiered tray of sweets). On our stroll I saw this horse, took a not-so-sneaky picture of Rachel Dratch, and then got bumped by Kevin Durant’s car. TRUE STORY.

That night, we ducked into a hot dog shop. And while I couldn’t understand WHY we were there (because I was still stuffed from tea) I soon found out. Inside was a phone booth secret entrance to the teeniest speakeasy. SO CUTE.

And then, the next morning, it was over. We packed up, took a subway and a bus ride, and found ourselves back on a plane to Florida. But the scenery on the way home wasn’t TOO  bad 🙂


Benjam, there will never be any words I can say that will give you the credit you deserve. For all the planning and surprises, sweetness and laughs, all I can say is THANK YOU.

 I adored every minute of this adventure and felt so incredibly lucky to be the girl who got to take it with you.

Love you more than fancy french toast. xo


  1. Ashley M Davis says:

    So glad you had a great time! Just know that he was telling us the details, and are still confused as to why we were not invited… 😉

  2. David Sturmer says:

    You two are just so damn cute. I am glad you had a great time. I will have to jump a plane one of these days.

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