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Happy Tuesday friends! As many of you know if you follow along on Facebook or Instagram, last week we got back from a whirlwind tour of Maine. Neither of us had ever been before, so we decided to escape the Florida heat in between weddings for a little northern adventure before the crazy of summer picked back up. We have so, SO many favorite things to share from this trip, and today we’re starting with some pictures of our things we saw along the way. You won’t see a ton of  Sarah & Ben selfies because we have special plans for those to come (spoiler alert, we bought a SELFIE STICK) but we are so very in love with these portraits of Maine and are beyond excited for you to see them! Let us just say, Maine is STUNNING. It is a place where the water seems to melt into the sky and the air is crisp in that “you just can’t get enough of it” way. It’s officially one of our most favorite places on this planet, and we’re so excited to share it with you!


We began our trip by renting a car, and driving to the adorable town of Ogunquit in southern Maine. We spent an afternoon in Perkins Cove which was full of cute bridges, adorable row boats and delicious food everywhere you looked.

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0017

Maine was off to a good start in our books already. . . . .

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0001Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0018Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0019

We ate our fair share of lobster AND ice cream on this trip (and even tried lobster ice cream!)

But the best thing about Maine this time of year is that there is SO much lobster everywhere, signs like this are necessary:

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0020

We spent the next day exploring, which included walking the Marginal Way and exploring all the little nooks of the town . ..

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0005

Then, once sunset came and the tide was out, we rolled up our pants, carried our shoes, and trekked across this inlet in the sludge to go watch some Fourth of July fireworks.

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0021Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0022

The walk was just a bit nippy, but the view from the beach made it TOTALLY worth it. . .

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0023Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0002Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0024

The next morning it was time to say goodbye to Ogunquit, so we packed the car to head up to Portland.

On our way out of town we made a quick detour to see the Nubble Light and the gorgeous Sohier Park.

It was the sweetest little place, where people came to just sit, watch the water, and simply BE.

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0003Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0025Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0004

Then came PORTLAND.

I am going to warn you that what happened in Portland was pretty chubby, but oh so delicious. This place is most DEFINITELY not getting tons of acclaim as a foodie city for nothing, because it is full of some truly awesome spots!

Which we HAAAAD to try.

Not because we like eating that much, but because it’s rude not to try the foods of a new place.

And if there is ONE thing we didn’t want to be, it was rude.

Because that’s just plain not nice.

Are you buying this yet?

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0029

We sampled a few half dozen of potato donuts from The Holy Donut.


Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0006

And stopped by Vena’s Fizz House for some homemade sodas  . . .

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0028

Not only is this place adorable and full of the best handcrafted drinks EVER, the owner is the most welcoming human on the planet.

If you are in Portland this is one not to miss!

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0026Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0027

Then there may have been some pies.. . .

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0030

Of both the traditional and whoopie varieties. . . .

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0031

And after a few more meals we feel shameful to show you (but honestly, go try Duckfat in Portland!) we hit the road to continue North.

We stopped in Freeport, JUST so we could see the giant Bean Boot!

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0007

And spent a few hours in Boothbay Harbor to see the sights and have some more lobster . .

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0008Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0015

Guys. This was just SO GOOD.

But it’s also probably a good thing we don’t have access to it all the time, because I think Ben may be able to single-handedly wipe out the lobster population.

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0032

With full bellies we hopped into the car to head to one of our most FAVORITE places of the trip.

Friends, meet Camden, ME.

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0033Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0034

We probably spent about an hour in this little park, just watching the birds and the boats come and go.

Life here felt slow in the good “why don’t I ever noticed these things” kind of way.

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0035

But that slow pace didn’t last long, because the next morning we woke up nice and early to go start the first hike of the trip!

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0009Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0016

We hiked up to the top of Mt. Battie (which overlooks all of downtown Camden) and ate a few wild blueberries on the way . . . .

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0010

We stopped for some “we did it!” pictures . . .

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0036

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0038

And then headed down when the fog rolled in.

One of the craziest things about Maine is a completely sunny day can all of a sudden become fog filled in an instant.

There’s something kind of moody and romantic we loved about it. . . .

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0037

One more lighthouse because Maine is just chalk full of ’em. . . .

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0039

And then we began the last leg of our Maine journey up to Mt. Desert Island.

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0043

Mt. Desert Island is home to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park (which has been on Ben’s bucket list for quite a while!)

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0042Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0041

There was seal watching and lobstering tours . . . .

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0059Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0060

Hiking out to some seriously stunning rock beaches . . . .

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0044Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0045Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0046Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0047

And amazing little hidden paths everywhere we looked. . . .

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0011Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0051Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0048

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0049

 . . .And there was also still some pretty killer food. . .

Maine blueberry muffins for breakfast that are the size of your face?! YES PLEASE.

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0052Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0053

We walked the Jordan Pond trail (and of course stopped for popovers at the Jordan Pond House) . .

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0054Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0055

And then halfway around the trail saw a sign for a little mountain to climb.

We thought to ourselves, “we’re fit, we can climb a little mountain”.

But then the trail turned into less of a trail, and more of a vertical scramble over boulders.

We sweat, laughed, and slipped our fair share up this mountain, but it felt oh so good to reach the top. . . .

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0013Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0056Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0057

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0058After mountain climbing you get to refuel.

You know, because you’re body HAS to eat. Like, for medical reasons.

So we found ourselves with a lobster feast once again . . .

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0014

On our last day in Acadia we had a picnic at a waterfall. . . .

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0061

And Ben had to do the hike in his business casual attire because he was out of clean clothes. . .

He was the best dressed man in the whole forest.

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0012Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0062

There was one last evening in Bar Harbor, with boats and lobster traps and all of the charm we had come to love about a Maine summer crammed into one little place. .  .

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0064Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0065Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0066

And then just like that, it was time to head home.

So with happy hearts and lobster filled bellies, we started the journey back to the place we call home.

Maine Vacation by Sarah & Ben Photography_0063


 We have SO much more to share from this awesome trip, including a whole bunch of ussies (or multi-person selfies for you un-cool people like us!) and a pretty sweet video. So stay tuned!

And if you have been to Maine, are going and want some recommendations, or just plain love it, we would love to hear from you!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


  1. Lori Rainey Downing says:

    What an amazing trip and just as amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Charlene Durgin says:

    Been to Maine every year for almost 25 years!! So glad you both went and had such a wonderful time. So many pictures you took I knew the exact spots!!! Now I want to go get Maine clams!!!

  3. Kathy Morgan says:

    Beautiful place, Bar harbor, Acadia!

  4. Melinda Fang says:

    Ahh! I love Acadia! 🙂 Beautiful pics as always…also, donuts! And I love that Ben had to wear business casual on a hike. XD

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