the little things: paper eyebrows

So this post is coming a bit later than it’s beginning of the month norm. I’ll blame the fact that we spent the first half of this month driving country roads and climbing giant mountains on the best vacation ever (which we can’t wait to share all about next week!) But for now, here’s my favorite little things from last month.

The Little Things: June 2015

The Paper Eyebrows

I have a confession to make. I have grumpy days every now and then. Days where the to-do list in front of me feels so dishearteningly long that it sucks all the positivity out of my soul, and I am noticeably snappy for no good reason. Days where I get caught up in the idea of how far we still have to go, instead of feeling proud of how far we’ve already gone. And on those days it is so lucky I live with the funniest man on the planet to snap me out of it. On one of those days this past month we sat working in the office in silence (after I’m sure I had been sassy about something), when suddenly Ben cleared his throat in that “hey, look at me” kind of way. So I peeked out from behind my computer and across the desk to find this:

FullSizeRender (1)

A totally normal, straight-faced version of Ben. With paper eyebrows. And it was so random, and so insane, and so perfectly “US” that I burst into a mix of laughter and teary-eyed “I’m sorry-ness” all at once. I feel like Shakespeare’s sonnets should have mentioned being willing to scotch-tape things to your face for your one and only. That’s love.

The Clean Up Parts

It kind of came out of nowhere, and for no particular reason, but for the past month or so we have been obsessed with playing tennis. We aren’t all that great, and I think I use a lot more foul language than proper form, but it has become our favorite summer afternoon ritual nonetheless. And as much as I love the playing part, I also look forward to when we’re done. That’s when Ben gets out the fancy plastic Target bag we use to carry all of our balls (we’re that classy) and holds it open across the court for me to hit them into. And every time even though I know it’s coming, it makes my heart fill in that Grinch-Who-Stole-Christmas kind of way. Because I never tire of how he makes even the boring clean up parts of our little life fun.

The Random Days

There’s a known fact in our household that any time you send Ben anywhere to pick something up, he will come home with something not on the list. Send him to the grocery store for milk? He’ll come home with an extra pint of ice cream. Out to the post office to mail some packages? He’ll come back with gas station snacks. It’s just part of the exciting mystery that is being married to Ben. On one such trip this past month I was surprised with this most adorable thermos you ever did see. FullSizeRender (2)And every time I drink out of it I feel so lucky. Not because I get to have it (even though it is the cutest!) but because I’m with the kind of guy that surprises me on the random days. Not just the holidays, or the ones that he thinks he has to. But on the Wednesdays, the nothing special happening, middle of the month kind of days.

Hope your month is filled of all kinds of heart-filling little things friends <3

Love + Laughs,


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  1. Jamey Crider says:

    You two make me smile and tear up a t the same time!!! I love you guys and keep loving the little things those are definitely heart felt.

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