maine: the movie

Remember those high school days when you would walk into your most dreaded class, and see that a giant TV had been wheeled into the room?! You would feel that giant sigh of relief knowing you would be able to spend the next 90 minutes doodling, chatting with friends or (if you were a little nerdy like Sarah) catching up on your other homework. Well friends, today is just as heart-skippingly good, because it’s movie day on the blog!

On Tuesday we posted all of our favorite Maine vacation pictures, and as promised we have just a bit more to share! Because in true Ben style he captured a bunch of awesome video of our trip, and put it all together in a video (which once again seemed to make us a bit teary eyed when we sat down and watched it together). So enjoy this peek at Maine through video (and a bit of iPhone footage). Watching it instantly brings us back to this truly amazing place, and we hope watching it inspires you to go.

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben

Sarah & Ben in ME


  1. Ailyn La Torre Hemminger says:

    Love it!! and you guys!! <3

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