heirloom wedding album: carly + tc

Happy Wednesday! Today, we’re excited to start something brand new around this little ol’ blog of ours. We realized recently that we’ve been doing you guys a bit of a disservice in what we share here, because we’ve given the illusion that the wedding blog post and gallery delivery is the final step in the Sarah & Ben process. But that, friends, couldn’t be further from the truth. Because while we absolutely adore creating timeless imagery for our couples and sharing it for all the world to see, there is something we love even MORE that comes afterwards. And that is getting to take all of those images off of the screen and into something that will survive the ever changing world of technology. Something that will LAST.

Wedding Albums by Sarah & Ben_0002Which is why we are so incredibly passionate about creating heirloom albums for our sweet couples. Not only so they can enjoy their best day ever on all the little days as well, but so their love story is around for all the generations that come after them. So that a hundred years from now their great grandchildren can flip through the pages and know that their’s was a family that started with the greatest of loves.

So every now and then we’ll be sneaking some quick shots of these beauties before they go out to their final home, and sharing them here for you guys to see. And we can think of no better album to start with than Carly and TC’s stunning Florida Aquarium Wedding.

The two of them chose a luxurious leather album in chocolate brown, and opted to leave the cover clean and simple. We adore how the 14 spreads came together to create such a wonderfully thick book, and how lovely they all look between the handmade cover. Spread layouts were kept clean and uncluttered, leaving room to showcase their most favorite images, and the gutter-free layout allowed them to include some seriously awesome panoramas. (We’re just obsessed with the classic drama of the bridal party shot!) It all came together to create a perfect representation of an absolutely perfect day.

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


Wedding Albums by Sarah & Ben_0001

Wedding Albums by Sarah & Ben_0005Wedding Albums by Sarah & Ben_0006

Wedding Albums by Sarah & Ben_0003Wedding Albums by Sarah & Ben_0004

Wedding Albums by Sarah & Ben_0007


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