halloween 2017

Happy Halloween amigos! Who here is as shocked as we are that we’ve arrived at the end of October?! It seriously feels like this month just started, but five weddings and a copious amount of photo shoots later here we are. Hope your month was as filled with fun as ours was!

And speaking of fun, today we’re sharing Charlotte’s Halloween costume for this year, which we have been excited about for weeks and weeks. (If we didn’t already know how crazy we were then we would be judging ourselves, but 6 years into life with Char this is our normal ; ) It has become a super secret project (filled with lots of guesses from family + friends) that we are so excited to finally get to share. So without any further adieu, we present Charlotte’s favorite Game of Thrones character, Olenna Tyrell.


Like most everyone we know, Charlotte is a preeeeeeeeetttttty hardcore G.O.T fan. She attends watch parties (and eats all the popcorn) with the best of them, and has been known to try sharing a spoiler or two from time to time. But this season was extra hard for her, because in the mic-drop moment of the series, Olenna was forced to drink some poison-filled wine. But not before going out like a boss ; ) And just in case you now feel the need to watch said moment of bossery, we’ve helped you out HERE.

Hope you have the most amazing Halloween, and if you’re headed out for some tricks and treats stay safe!

Love, Laughs + Halloween Treats,

Sarah & Ben & Charlotte


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