There’s something so perfect about the timeless fashion combined with the quirky playfulness of all things Spade (both Kate and Jack). Give us all the pretty things and witty words!

kate spade

This little lady has quite a few nicknames (Bean, Char, and Chach to name a few) and even though she’s the smallest member of our household she has the biggest personality! The only thing she loves more than cuddling on the couch is whipped cream straight outta the can.

charlotte the malchi

This city has a giant piece of our hearts, and every time we visit we can’t help but fall more in love (both with it and each other). We could live a thousand lifetimes here and never do the same thing twice. Except for eating crepes, which can obviously never happen enough!


We’re pretty positive there are few things better than spending a day at the happiest place on earth, surrounded by the most epic of love stories and the most delicious of snacks (why do Mickey shaped things just taste better?!)

disney world

We love creating clean, timeless imagery, and one of our favorite places to find inspiration is through classic film. On a Friday night you can find us at home on the sofa in our finest pjs, with a giant bowl of popcorn and a black and white movie flickering on the screen.

the criterion collection

Seeing the world together is one of our most favorite things about this little life of ours. And whether we’re exploring a giant city in Europe or a forest in Alaska, we’re just happy to be adventuring side by side.


The two of us met going to school for theater, so it’s no surprise it still holds a big place in our hearts. Fridays in our office are officially known as “Broadway Day” but we’ll challenge you to a Hamilton rap battle any day of the week!


Ben first fell in love with National Parks when he worked as a Ranger in college (pine cone belt and all) and he quickly passed his love of them onto Sarah. Now we adventure into the parks any chance we get, and we’ve got the magnet collection to prove it.

national parks

In August of 2018 our lives changed in the best of ways, when Oliver Edwin entered the world. It was a long journey for us to become parents but oh man was it worth the wait! Life is just plain better with this little man by our sides, and we love that he's such a perfect mix of the two of us. 


Classic fashion never goes out of style, and we think it’s for a pretty good reason. We never leave the house without our Ray Ban sunnies, and between the two of us we have a pair for every day of the week!

ray bans

We believe in real life love stories, most of all because we live one. 

We started dating on a small-town boardwalk, got engaged in Scotland at the ruins of the family castle, and married each other on the very best day of our lives.

We dance to Billie Holiday, laugh at Arrested Development, and poke fun at each other daily.

Life is made for loving and laughing, and we make sure to do both each and every day. 

our top ten

How else could a girl from Vermont and a boy from Scotland have found each other? 


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Sarah & Ben were unbelievable. In fact, the only reason we ever considered *not* hiring them as our photographers was because we loved them so much after meeting them, we wanted them to attend the wedding as our friends! On the wedding day, they were more helpful than our venue planner when it came to timelines, suggestions, and communication. And it was so easy to keep a smile on our faces - not only because it was a wonderful day, but because they had us laughing nonstop.You should hire them, without question. I've never met more dependable vendors, and they are simply wonderful people. One of the best things to come out of our wedding (other than our marriage, obviously) was our new friendship with Sarah & Ben.

anne + steven

Sarah & Ben were truly AMAZING to work with! They were recommended to me by a friend, and we couldn’t be happier with our choice for photographers for our wedding day! They were great communicators, incredibly easy to work with and so FUN! They are such a cute & sweet couple and genuinely cared about us and making us feel special on our wedding day! From the engagement photo shoot to our wedding day, they delivered nothing less than spectacular work! We are completely blown away with them and everything they’ve done. My parents and wedding party loved them as well which made it so easy to take photos the day of the wedding. I can’t thank them enough for being a part of our big day and capturing all of our great moments!

lynette + justin

As soon as we met Sarah and Ben it felt as if we had just seen old friends, and I knew they were the ones to go with. They were so organized and professional, had the most amazing chemistry together and they just made us feel so comfortable. They also took more stress off of me than my actual family could and were my right hand the day of the wedding. Timing was planned to the T, and they even stayed late at the reception to capture a few more moments that I have now cherished. I couldn't have asked for better people around me on my wedding day, it never once felt like they were just there for a job anytime we met.

sarah + danny

I wish there was a way to express how grateful we are for Sarah & Ben! As my husband and I got into our limo to go back to the hotel after the wedding, we looked at each other and both said in unison, the wedding would not have been the same without Sarah and Ben. They went above and beyond to make us feel special throughout our planning process, and if we needed anything, they were there in whatever way they could be. Not only are Sarah and Ben the most genuine humans ever, but they are both so incredibly talented. I knew they were good when we booked them, but after seeing our engagement and wedding pictures, I was absolutely blown away! You need these two in your life, and if you want the most beautiful pictures in Tampa, book them now!

carly + tc

Sarah & Ben have quickly become some of our most favorite people. They are genuine, down-to-earth and impossibly easy-to-like. Sarah is more of the director of the shoot and Ben, who could not more obviously adore his wife, does a little more behind-the-scenes wizardry and helps edit Sarah’s ideas as necessary. Their chemistry is contagious and immediately put my husband and I at ease. They help bring out your genuine personality and are incredibly talented in their craft. All told, they are the hardest working people in their business but theirs is a labor of love. They tell your story better than you could tell it yourself and, in our case, we could not be happier that they were a part of it.

kyle + adam

I honestly cannot begin to express how much we adore Sarah & Ben! They have truly been the best choice we made in planning and executing our wedding day. They are an inspiring couple who radiate love in all they do, and that love, along with their flexibility and awesome sense of humor, made our entire wedding experience incredibly joyful. When I was frantic and nervous on our wedding day, Sarah made sure no one pushed me over the edge and kept the best day of my life in perspective for me. Our wedding pictures are absolutely gorgeous and perfectly capture every feeling of love we felt that day. When the magic is over, all we had left were memories and photos, and we are so pleased that we entrusted the latter to Sarah & Ben. They just get us, and, most importantly, they just get love.

kelly + joe

I don't even know where to begin with how amazing Sarah & Ben are, not just as photographers (they are phenomenal), but as people too. Sarah and Ben were our photographers for our wedding in September. We first met them at a friend's wedding in November of 2014 and we knew right away we had to snatch them up! They even traveled to Nashville, TN to document our wedding. Sarah and Ben treated us like we were great friends and it was really nice to feel connected and comfortable with our photographers. I am not the type of person that likes to have my picture taken and Sarah made me feel like a rock star (I know Ben made Brian feel the same way). I know that this review will pale in comparison to the amazingness Sarah & Ben have to offer but they are just that good!

lauren + brian


love notes


not to toot our own horn

but you may have seen us around...we're grateful for the opportunity to be featured in some amazing places

the scoop on storybook love and how to join the sarah and ben bandwagon

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It’s cuddle on the couch sharing popcorn kind of love. The kind where you pull over to get out of the car and kiss in the rain... just because. It’s filled with laughs and silly faces, love letters and sweet gestures (even if it’s as simple as taking out the trash). 

It’s for you and only you. Because nobody else would get any of the inside jokes, or be so quick to forgive you when you’re wrong. In short, it’s perfection. 

It’s filled with ups and downs, moments that could totally be orchestrated by a movie soundtrack, and it some how seems to give everything it touches so much more meaning. It’s the kind of love where there are no ordinary moments. And we can’t wait to show you how it’s yours.

So what exactly is Storybook Love anyway?


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We’re passionate about love stories solely because of the one we get to write together. Before we fell in love with photography, we fell in love with love and the idea of preserving it. We truly believe that every love story, no matter how big or small, should be celebrated as the real life storybook kind of love that it is. 

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