tuesday randomness

So Ben and I are in the final stretch before our vacation is here, and have been working like crazies trying to get everything done before we hop on a cruise ship for a week. And in the late night hours of editing, I have found my mind wandering to thoughts of the most random things. I guess that is what a 2 am editing party does to a girl. (Well that, and brining on late night snack binges.)

So maybe this is inspired by all of the numbered lists popping up all over my Facebook feed, or the fact that I just need to get some of this off of my chest. But today I give you a little bit of Tuesday Randomness (AKA things you don’t know about me, and actually may not want to).


1. I firmly believe that EVERY single outfit can be made better with a mustard cardi. And I also believe that cardigans should be called cardis. ALWAYS.

2. I just recently overcame my fear of eating the tops of bananas. For years I would rip that piece off before I ate the rest, but I am a waster of banana tops no longer.

3. I still don’t trust the bottoms of bananas.

3. I am ashamed to say that I like some of Miley’s songs. I may have jammed to “Wrecking Ball” one too many times while editing, and “Party in the USA” may be something I know all the words to. I feel like a lesser person admitting this, but I hope you can still love me anyways.

4. Double negatives drive me crazy. When someone says something like “I don’t know nothing” I have a really hard time not stopping them for a quick grammar recap. I am the NERDIEST.

5. I once made a toupee for Charlotte out of hair I cleaned out of my brush. (I will pause for the awkward silence here). And because I know your just slightly curious, I did in fact take a picture before I threw it away.

6. I’m an over-sharer. I’ve been told that I don’t really have a good sense of social-awkardness, and talk waaaay too freely about most things other people would rather keep private. (See # 5).

7.  Ben bought me my first pair of Ray Bans 5 years ago, and I hated them. Now, I am a Ray Ban snob.

8. If I could wear a dress from ModCloth every single day I totally would. But instead, most of my days are spent in yoga pants that have never actually been used for any sort of yoga.


Happy Tuesday Friends!



  1. Kim Hohman says:

    Love it lol!!!

  2. Megan Cavanah says:

    Please move to Lakeland because I think we’d be quite the duo.

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