Fro-Yo and Chaka

You are obsessive. And crazy. And want things to happen in a super-humanly fast, impossible way. I could tell Ben was thinking all of this as I rattled off all of the changes I want for our business. And he is probably definitely right. I have so many ideas of ways I want to start networking with other vendors, gifts I want to give our couples, different album designs, and new ways of sharing our images, that sometimes I feel like my head is going to explode. Or I am going to drink 9 cups of coffee and try to accomplish all of it at once. I am thinking neither would be very good for my health.

So as I sat on the orange pleather couch in the fro-yo shop today, rambling at my husband and very patient business partner about how DVD image sharing is so “out”, he stared and me with glazed over eyes.  And listened . . . . And listened. . . . And occasionally piped up every now and then to tell me I use the expression “firmly believe” on a way too frequent basis.

And then, right in the middle of my point about discs going bad, he started belting out “I’m Every Woman” with the radio they had on in the shop. To this I got all flustered and huffy and told him that I didn’t know why he couldn’t take business talk more seriously. And then there was a silence. And then he just went right back to belting. For a moment I was angry, and then I just started laughing at his ridiculousness; and how smitten he looked with himself for knowing all of the words.

I know I am obsessive. And crazy. And that I want all of these amazing changes to happen all at once and at an impossibly fast rate. But I also know that, even if they don’t all happen today, I am so thankful to have someone to dream with over frozen yogurt and Chaka Kahn, who makes me laugh when I need it. Because I firmly believe, that even if it takes a little bit, we’re going to get there.

Love & Laughter,



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