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On April Fool’s Day this year, Ben and I woke up  at 7 AM, got ready, and hopped into the U-Haul that we had stuffed full the night before. It was time for another Perfect Wedding Guide bridal show! Now, let me tell you, Ben and I absolutely adore getting to meet so many new brides, seeing familiar faces, and munching on the endless supply of cupcakes. However, if there is one thing that we Ben doesn’t love, it is setting up our booth.

When we first dreamed up our bridal show booth we came up with this awesome idea to have a living room of sorts, where people could come hang out, chat, and take a minute to breathe amidst the crazy hum that bridal shows bring. What we didn’t dream about was the process that would involve setting up our mammoth booth. Loading all of the heavy walls and furniture in and out of the U-Haul, assembling everything, hooking up the electric, and then taking it all apart just four hours later. For all of this, I am so very lucky to have such a strong, handsome, clever husband and business partner. He puts walls together, hooks up lighting, and takes care of all of the stuff that makes me go “huh?!” (I am busy assembling those really cute swirly sticks you see in the corner and arranging all of the knick-knacks on the shelf in just the right way. Because that’s an important job too!.)

As the show was coming to a close that day Ben sat down to rest, and as he looked around at a lot of the other booths he told me he was envious of how quickly they would come apart. And how their owners would not need a fully body massage the next day to recover. And how maybe we ought to think about getting a simpler booth. But then, right at the moment, we heard our name called from the front of the room, and I was being whisked up on stage to receive an award for the best booth at the show. I was ecstatic! Even Ben hopped up out of his chair, and from the stage I could see him dancing in the background.

We love our bottle of champagne (which we are still saving for a dreary day), and our plaque is hanging in the office, but I think what we appreciate most is knowing that our hard work paid off. And, although our booth may not be the easiest thing to put together, and we are always the last ones to leave, it truly represents us. The color (of course), the furniture from our very own home, and the fact that we pour all of ourselves into everything we do, even if it means being tired at the end of the day.

Love & Laughs,

Sarah + Ben



After the show they came and took some pictures of us that will be in the upcoming issue of the Perfect Wedding Guide. You should definitely check out this awesome planning resource!


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