Bringing the Inside Out

So the other day we were sitting in our living room, with the windows open, watching Top Chef. There was an awesome breeze coming in from the porch and the chefs were making this ridiculously yummy looking food (seriously, how do they make something as simple as bread look so good?!)  I said something about how nice the breeze was and how much I loved having fresh air in the house and then BAM! We had the idea for a strange, quirky mini-session. We have  been trying so hard to bring the awesome weather in, that we thought we would try bringing the inside out for a change. Which led to us setting up a mini living room in the middle of a median on an exceptionally windy day. And getting stopped by the police. Twice.  AND some pretty fun pictures which made it all worth it! Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday, you’re ALMOST to the weekend! We have an engagement session with an awesome couple this weekend that we will be sharing soon!

Love and Laughter,

Sarah and Ben




  1. Brittney says:

    I love the concept behind these! Maybe we could do something similar for my engagement session!

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