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eurotrip 2014: belgium + scotland

It’s here, part deux of our European vacation! And it’s a big one, so buckle up for some country hopping! Instead of breaking up the last two parts of our trip, we decided to combine them for one big Friday extravaganza!

So we left off in Paris, where we boarded a train to Belgium. While we were in Belgium we visited Brussels and Bruges, ate far too many waffles and chocolates, and may have partaken in a beer or two (JUST, of course, to be courteous of the Belgian culture.) Visiting Bruges was by far one of our favorite days of the trip, because everywhere you turned was just so insanely picturesque. It was like visiting the fantasyland section of Disney, only real. We pretty much have decided that when we get old we will runaway to Bruges to live out the rest of our days sitting alongside the canals eating waffles. Can you think of anything more romantic?

While we were in Belgium we also went on a 22 mile bike adventure to The Netherlands, got to see the Flower Carpet (which is this stunning flower festival in Brussels that only happens one weekend every 2 years), and ate far too many french fries. Because fries? They are considered a perfectly acceptable main course in Belgium (another HUGE reason I would be perfectly content to call this place home ; )

After our four days in Belgium it was time to head to Scotland, where we of course shot a GORGEOUS wedding which you can check out here if you missed, and got to do some fun exploring afterwards. We had an amazing day venturing into the highlands for the very first time and visiting Loch Ness where we just MAY have gotten a peek at Nessie ; )  There was also a LIFE CHANGING moment involving me and my new best friend Charley, but I have decided that something that epic is going to be it’s own blog post.

Hope you enjoy this mini-peek at the last two bits of our adventure. There is another one of Ben’s awesome videos to come next!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0084Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0093Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0094Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0090Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0091Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0095Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0096Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0097Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0087Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0085Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0098Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0099Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0100Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0101Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0103Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0102Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0105Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0104Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0080Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0106Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0107Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0108Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0109Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0110Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0083Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0111Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0081Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0112Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0082Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0113Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0092Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0114Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0115Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0086Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0116Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0117Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0118Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0119Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0120Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0123Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0121Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0122Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0124Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0125Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0126Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0148Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0129Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0127Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0131Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0128Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0136Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0138Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0130Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0132Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0134Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0133Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0135Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0089Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0137Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0088Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0139Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0142Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0141Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0140Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0144Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0143Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0145Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0146Sarah & Ben_Paris Vacation_0147


  1. OMG! I’m flippin’ jelly. Soooo utterly JELLY!

  2. John McLachlan says:

    Love the pics….

  3. Matthew McLachlan says:

    Those are some straight-ass teeth I’m seeing

  4. Greta says:

    You are fantastically ADORABLE! The excitement and fun of your trip shine through your images 🙂

  5. Margaret Mclachlan says:

    terrific pictures

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