driftwood beach engagement: cathy + matthew

Happy Wednesday friends! We are sharing one serious stunner of an engagement session with you guys today, that has SO many details we are crushing on (still thinking about that adorable little bike bag!) and a couple we love even more at the center of it all. However, we also love HOW these two cuties came to be in front our lens, and the story of it gives us such sweet feels we just have to share it with you first.

If you’ve been around these parts for a while, then you probably remember Emily + Andrew’s goregeous Powel Crosley wedding day (which had one of our favorite first looks to date!). We just loved spending the day with their whole family, and were genuinely sad when our time together came to an end. So you wouldn’t believe how excited we were when all this time later, we received an email from Andrew that he, his older brother and Emily wanted to gift us to their other brother Matt and his fiance as a wedding gift. (Cue aaaaallll the watery eyes at this point because 1. We’ve never been a gift before and 2. How thoughtful is the gift of saved memories?!). We put together the cutest little box of goodies for them to reveal the surprise, and the rest is history!

So the four of us met down in Longboat Key to explore a nearby park before heading to one of our favorite stretches of beach. It was a gorgeous day, and was our first official get together so we of course had so many questions about their love story. (Let us just sum it up by telling you that Matt has all.the.moves ; ) The outfits these two picked couldn’t have been more perfect, and Cathy was radiant in both of her blue dresses (that little off the shoulder number still has Sarah’s heart!) Every time we head out to LBK the beach looks a little different, and we loved the surprises that we found on this trip. From the adorable bike to the easy way these two love each other, we couldn’t have adored the afternoon any more.

Cathy and Matt, we honestly couldn’t have loved this afternoon with you both any more, and we are so excited to spend your wedding day by your sides!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


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