Creating Natural Images That Get Noticed: Part Two

It’s Monday, which means we’re back with another edu-post that we hope adds a little bright spot to your day! Today we’re continuing with our five part series on Creating Natural Images, and we’re oh-so-pumped to share today’s tip with you because it has been a GAME CHANGER in the way we interact with our couples.

Part II: Shoot Before You Adjust

As we mentioned in Part One, the most important thing involved in creating natural images is creating a foundation of confidence. We want our couples to feel like they are looking amazing every.single.second they are in front of our cameras (which they should, because they DO!) But we know it’s up to us to make them feel this way. So before we dive into today’s tip, let’s start with a hypothetical situation.

You’re at a party. You generally aren’t one to take to the dance floor, but you’re a couple of gin and tonics in and are feeling yourself, so you saunter out to the dance floor when your favorite T Swift song comes on. THIS IS YOUR JAM. But after you’ve been dancing for a minute your cool friend comes out and says “Is that how you dance? That looks bad. Do it like this instead”. Do you think your booty is staying out on the dance floor? Heck no! You are officially SO self-conscious there’s not enough gin in the world to keep you out there. Party over.

Sometimes you’ll give a couple instructions that may not be interpreted the right way. Other times they’ll do exactly what you ask, but once you see it you’ll decide it didn’t work. Whatever the situation, it’s ok for mistakes to happen. What matters is what happens next. No matter what, we will never ever say something like “No! That looks bad. Let’s change it” or “Not like that!” Because if we did, for the rest of the session they’re going to be worried about doing things wrong.  Their ego is going to be deflated and they’re going be ready to leave the party.

Instead we still shoot a frame or two, then adjust things from there. We’ll use prompts like “That looks great! (*click*) Now let’s see what it looks like if we take your hand from his chest down to his bicep!” This gives our couples positive affirmation that they’re crushing it (which is just building on that confidence we keep talking about) and then we can go on to shoot something that does work. It’s a tiny change in your speech that will have such a huge impact in maintaining the positive vibes you worked so hard to foster from the get go.

Stay tuned for the next part in this series, coming to the blog next week! And if you need a recap you can find Part One at the link below:

1.Begin with Movement

And as always we love when you inspire our upcoming education posts, so reach out on social media or through a comment below if there’s a topic you’d like to see up next! Happy shooting friends!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


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