downtown tampa engagement: matthew + ashlee

All of our engagement sessions feel personal to us. From the time we first spend chatting over coffee, hearing all about a couple’s relationship up until the moment that brought them to us, we can’t help but feel attached to each and every love story. To feel honored to be the ones capturing it. But THIS session, this one hit us in the feels on a whole other level,  because our baby brother is getting maaarrrriiiiieeeeeeedddd! Maybe we’ll stop for a tissue break. Ya know, if you need it. Because we don’t. We’re toooottalllly fine.

Matthew and Ashlee will be getting married in Georgia in May, and while we can’t *wait* to officially be wedding guests and be present on the day of their vows, you know we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shoot their engagement session. So they came down for a long weekend in Florida, and we got to show them around some of our favorite places downtown. The two of them laugh easily together, love sweetly, and we feel even more excited for their big day and the rest of their lives together after our afternoon. There’s no doubt in our minds that Ash brings juuuussst the right amount of southern sweetness to complement the strong and composed man Matthew has grown into, and we also obviously love that she brings out the silly parts of him too.

Matthew and Ashlee, we were so happy to be the ones to save these memories for you guys, and we loved getting together to celebrate this exciting time in your lives. We still can’t believe you’re getting married, but we couldn’t be more excited for this new adventure to begin!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben



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