2013 Behind the Scenes

Well friends, it’s that time of year. The end. The grand finale. The big finish. It’s the sparkliest, showiest, champagne-iest night of the year and we are ever so glad it is finally here. In fact, if this were a Toddler’s & Tiara’s episode I am preeeettty sure New Year’s Eve would be named Ultimate Grand Supreme because it is JUST. THE. BEST. (Yes, I have spent the holidays catching up on some much needed reality tv. And no, I am in no way whatsoever sorry.) What other day of the year gives you such a mixed bag of emotion? There is excitement for what’s to come, a feeling of accomplishment for all you’ve done, and did I MENTION the champagne?!

As with always, the coming of a new year means saying goodbye to the old one, and we can think of no better way to bid this year adieu than with a fun (and often embarrassing) look behind the scenes at 2013. Because sometimes, and by that we mean most times, this job is not at all as glamourous as most people think.


I spent a lot of time this year trying not to fall in the water

. . . While Ben was all too glad to get in.

Having a tall hubs comes in handy when it is time to get the dress in that PERFECT spot.

And he even sweeps up after wedding guests too!

There were times this year when I JUST couldn’t help popping in for a frame or two,

And Ben spent time in places both HIGH

And LOW.

I MAY have tried to hold a few hands,

attempted to be a stylist,

AND refused to wear pants.

(But I’ve heard that spices up an engagement session. Right?!)

Ben likes to impress the ladies with his super human strength. That’s right, he IS moving that couch. While there is a person on it.


I balance rings like it’s my job. Because, well, it is.

And Ben’s ballet-esque toe point is pretty much the fanciest thing ever.

I spent some time on the ground . . .

 . . .and in the air

while Ben had bromances with our grooms.

There were “DUUUR” faces,

and selfies,

the occasional cow,

and moments of insanity.

Some nights I pretended that the sparkler exit was actually for me,

and Ben snuck in a nap  or two on his camera.

I’m pretty sure I told some jokes that were just TOO corny,

and Ben once tried to cut the cake with his flash.

But one thing is for certain.

We spent our days with some truly amazing couples with the most fabulous friends and family.

And I got to document it all alongside the man who fills my heart.

We wish you all a fabulous New Year’s Eve filled with 2013 reminiscing and 2014 dreaming!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben



  1. Ash says:

    This. This makes me so happy. Thanks for posting these!!!!

  2. Yara Khalil says:

    this is the cutest thing ever I was LOL-ing the whole time

  3. Robert Hoffmann says:

    and thanks to you guys who,through your blogs,brought smiles to my face all year long!

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