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ben’s top 10 classic wedding movies


Nov 9, 2015

Hey friends, Ben here. And  today I’m letting you in on a little secret. Even those of us lucky enough to love our job (and love the person we get to work beside even more!) get a case of the Mondays sometimes. And we are most definitely no exception. It’s the days where I look across the office at Sarah and we both realize in an instant that it’s going to be hard not to give in to the pull of our couch and comfy pants. (Although, if it’s Sarah we’re talking about there’s a good chance she is still in said comfy pants).

Today is most definitely one of those days, not only because it’s gray and rainy but because we’re in the middle of the fantastic chaos that is fall wedding season. And since we can’t actually have a movie day I thought I’d do the next best thing, which is share the ones on our watch list. Today, we’re talking classic wedding movies.

Sarah and I really love things that feel timeless. Just like a Mercedes Benz or the bow tie (*wink*) some things are meant to be around forever, and classic movies are definitely no exception. We love that even though old movies were made so long ago, so much about the love stories in them still feels so relevant. Because just like Ray Bans, true love never goes out of style. Here’s whats on our must watch list right now.

 Ben’s Top 10 Classic Wedding Movies To Watch

1. Double Wedding: William Powell and Myrna Loy were like the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan of their day and that alone makes this a must watch for us. A 1937 prelude to Sleepless in Seattlel?! We’re in!

Sarah & Ben Photography


2. Father of the Bride: Yep, you read that title right. This was the ORIGINAL. Before Steve Martin in the 90’s there was Elizabeth Taylor and Spencer Tracy. I don’t think this one will include the eccentric wedding planner Martin Short played, but if the ending gives us half the feels of the original we know we’ll love it.

Sarah & Ben Photography


3. The Philadelphia Story: We’ve actually watched this one already, but we loved it so much it’s on our watch list again! It’s a perfectly timeless romantic comedy with a twist ending! (Sidenote for a fun film fact! In the 1930’s and 40’s there was a thing called the production code, and rules said what you could and couldn’t put in films. One of these rules said you couldn’t show extramarital affairs on screen, so they created a whole new genre of films called “The Comedy of Remarriage.” (*Spoiler Alert*) People in these films would divorce, meet others and then remarry. Jimmy Stewart won his ONLY Academy Award for this movie!)

Sarah & Ben Photography

4. High Society: This movie is the musical adaptation of The Philadelphia Story from above, and being married to a musical theater nut makes all things musical a must watch in our household. Not to mention it stars Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, AND Grace Kelly . Can a movie get any more classic?! I think not.


Sarah & Ben Photography


5. Royal Wedding: The Fred Astaire dance moves (and wedding in the title!) are enough to make us watch this!

Sarah & Ben Photography


6. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers: There is not one, not two, not even four weddings in this film. There are SEVEN! Holy wedding overload! Arguably one of the best musicals ever filmed (and I told you how Sarah loves her musicals!)

Sarah & Ben Photography

7. Seven Chances: Remember that 90’s movie with Chris O’Donnell called “The Bachelor” where he is running away from hundreds of brides? Well, it was a remake of this Buster Keaton film from 1925. It is a silent film, so I am sure it isn’t for everyone, but Keaton is a king of comedy and always makes us laugh!

Sarah & Ben Photography

8. The Palm Beach Story: This one is literally sitting on our shelf right now, and is next on our watch list!

Sarah & Ben Photography

9. Waikiki Wedding: This movie won a best original song Academy Award for the song “Sweet Leilani”, and it was made as a sort of competition for the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies that were so popular at the time. We love a good Fred + Ginger flick, so anything that is made with them in mind definitely gets our attention.

Sarah & Ben Photography

10. Wedding Present: Who doesn’t just love the swagger of Cary Grant on film? Answer: NOBODY. Couple him with all the style of the 1930’s and forget about it!
Sarah & Ben Photography


So, if you find yourself having a case of the Mondays today, I hope you do what we’re going to do tonight! Pop a big pot of homemade popcorn, cuddle up with the one you love, and get lost in an old fashioned love story.

Love + Laughs,


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