a date with taylor swift

It all started as a blip of an idea. The kind that is casually mentioned as a joke in passing, but then sticks in the back of your brain, eventually growing big enough to be taken seriously. Turning from a “wouldn’t it be funny” to a “why wouldn’t we?” over the course of time. That’s how I ended up on the floor of a Taylor Swift concert with my dad on Halloween. I guess I should start from the beginning.

My dad is not your average, run of the mill dad. He’s known to break into song at a moment’s notice and do his fair share of silly voices. It’s not unusual for him to call me up on the phone (completely in character) letting me know I have to answer a few survey questions or talk to a new person he’s made up. He’s fun, and makes everything feel a little more light-hearted when he’s around. However, just as importantly, he’s also a MEGA fan of Taylor Swift.

So, when we realized that her US tour would be ending right here in Tampa, the only sensible thing for him to do was fly down from Vermont to go. And of course get tickets on the floor so that we could actually see her coy glances and hair flips up close in real life. (Which were every bit as amazing as you’ve dreamed).

Guys, this is the story of my date with dad (as told through iPhone selfies). 

We got to the stadium and waited in a super long line with people in all sorts of crazy costumes . . .


Only to get to the front of it and be told that we had been waiting in the WRONG line.

Which made us just slightly disgruntled . . . .


But then we found our right (and way shorter!) line and finally got in!

Yay wrist bands!


Our first glimpses of the stage brought on full heart palpitating excitement . .


…which required about a million selfies from EVERY angle.



And then I realized I had drunk too much water in line.

And had to use the ladies room.

Which brings me to my first ever encounter with a porta potty.

Yes friends, I had made it 28 years on this earth without ever experiencing this giant blue wonder.

And I didn’t drink ANYTHING for the rest of the night so I wouldn’t have to go back . . .


 . . . But back to Tay.

The stadium started to fill up . ..


And then it was almost concert time and we were just *slightly* excited . . .


One of us may have gotten a little teary eyed when she took the stage.

I won’t say who . . . .


TAYLOR! In the air, singing and just being all around magical!

And in what felt like the blink of an eye, it was over, and everyone was leaving humming “Shake it Off” in that loud way that people who are now partially deaf do (being surround by 50,000 screaming teen girls will do that to you).

It was an amazing night that I will most definitely remember for the rest of my days

(and Taylor gave us a little souvenir to make sure of it ; )


To my Dad, I loved this night with you.

Thank you for the memories of dancing ridiculously, clapping our hands, and singing at the top of our lungs together.

It was perfect.

Love + Laughs,



  1. Robert Hoffmann says:

    yet another memorable evening with my beautiful daughter. How lucky am I!

  2. Emily Elizabeth says:

    This is amazing. What a cool memory to make. Also congrats on 28 years without a porta john!

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