the little things: getting older & airborne

Happy Friday friends! As many of you guys know I celebrated my 28th birthday last month (thank you to everyone who left so many sweet messages and made me feel so insanely loved!) and as always Ben had a few surprises up his sleeve to mark the occasion. So I thought there was no better thing to share for this month’s Little Things post than everything he did to make my birthday so very special!

The Little Things: October 2015

We started my birthday with breakfast at a new place we hadn’t tried before (Pinky’s in Tampa which was DELISH) and I of course had to start the day with a mimosa or two (because it’s basically become my birthday tradition!) And when I was toying with the idea of ordering another one for dessert (because it was a celebration, and I felt like I would be doing my birthday a disservice if I didn’t) Ben cautioned against it. Strange,  I thought. He has been never one to halt the drinking of the birthday mimosa. It is a rare thing that only comes around once a year and deserves to be celebrated to the fullest. But I heeded his advice and we hopped into the car and onto the highway. The entire time we drove my mind was running through activities that would require a person to not be overly full of champagne and orange juice and in a sound state of mind.

Well friends, there was a reason for him not wanting me to feel overly full or champagney.

It was because we were going SKY DIVING.

(cue freak out moment).

Now that the shock has set in like it did for me, I will tell you that it was not *quite* legit sky diving. But it is pretty much the closest thing that you can do from the safety of earth and without the impending doom of worrying whether or not your parachute is going to open or stay closed and send you to a plummeting death. However, I am not the most adventurous person, and I didn’t think of any of those things. I simply saw the insanely tall tower ahead of us and lost my mind.

Which brings us to to the part of the story that I made Ben vow would be private. He even pinky promised me he would never mention it again as we sat in the parking lot. Because it made me feel terrible and unappreciative and basically like the worst gift receiver ever. As we sat there, him with a huge smile on his face and me looking like I was about to be walked to my death, I told him I didn’t want to do it. And then got teary and basically had a nervous breakdown of awfulness. Because I was ruining his surprise and because I wished I was braver and because I felt like a snarky terrible girl for not liking his idea. Who did he think I was? I am NOT someone who considers themselves brave when it comes to things of this variety . . .

And I don’t tell you this because I want you to think I’m terrible or because I think it was my proudest moment. I tell you this because

1. I believe in keeping it real, and not every single moment of every single day is perfect in ANY relationship.


2. Because how he handled this whole situation was in the sweetest and most compassionate way and it truly reminded me of why I love this man so much.

I sat in the car while he went in and got our money back, and then he came back with a smile and said we could go to Kate Spade for a few things instead. He promised he wasn’t upset and that he just wanted me to have the best day ever and that we could do anything I wanted. And I was stoked (because KATE SPADE) but as we shopped I couldn’t help but feel terrible. Not just because I had felt like I had let Ben down, but because I felt like I was letting a totally uneducated fear make a decision for me. And as we looked at bags with bows and earrings composed solely of glitter I made up my mind. WE WERE GOING BACK.

Ben laughed at my fickle, crazy girlish ways, and called and made us another appointment. And I am so glad he did, because GUYS. This was AWESOME! It was not at all anything like I pictured in my mind, and was so, so much fun. So much in fact that we want to go back soon and do it again! We left with a fun new experience that was unlike anything we had ever done together, and the funniest pictures our our cheeks (well, mostly mine) blowing around in the wind like they were made of putty. And of course a few videos, which you know I have to share. Because I’m basically a skydiving professional now ; )


Ben flying. Ya know, no big deal.

And then I hopped in and showed him how it was done ; )

Can we just talk about my flapping cheeks?!


This is one of my favorite clips from the whole day.

After he was done Ben had to leave the wind tunnel, and the guy tried to get him to walk straight across. But when he found it to hard, he tried to sneak out the side undetected.

I laughed for a good five minutes about his failed sneaky ways.

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! If you’re feeling a little adventurous go try something new, I promise you’ll be glad you did!

Love + Laughs,


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  1. Ailyn La Torre Hemminger says:

    This is the best ever!! Ben totally wins for in his understanding ways and you with your adorable self – who could ever get mad at you?!! 🙂 Love you two! See you tonight!

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