an intimate winter ceremony: melanie + doug

There was a golden hue about the afternoon. And as she started to walk down the dock toward him, with a smile on her face and an ever so happy heart, the day seemed to beam a little brighter. Almost as if it was trying to compete with the brightness in both of their eyes or the warmth they felt as they spoke. And there, in the glow of the sun and each other, they made a promise. That forever and always, in sunshine or rain, they would always share that same glow . . .

Melanie and Doug had the sweetest ceremony on a gorgeous afternoon at the end of the year. It was a day that truly felt about them and the promise they were making to each other. We loved the simplicity in all of their details, and were so thankful for such a beautiful afternoon to shoot. But the thing we loved most, was the easiness in which they interacted with each other. Without having to try or force anything, they are just so naturally and whole-heartedly in love.

Melanie and Doug, thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of such an intimate gathering. We were so very glad to document such an important milestone for you two!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


  1. Hilda Waid says:

    These pictures are amazing. You captured the love these two have for each other.

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