mirror lake lyceum wedding: janelle + pete

When you watch them laugh together, or dance together, or simply talk together, you know. When you see the way he looks at her with brand new eyes each time, or the way she gazes at him when he doesn’t know she’s looking, it’s painfully obvious. True love does exist. It MUST exist. Because there is no other explanation for the way that their arms fit perfectly around one another, or how much he loves her corny jokes. There couldn’t be any other reason that out of all the people in all the world, it was his hand that she was holding that day, and him who put a song in her heart. And that day she decided she was going to listen to it on repeat for the rest of her days. . . .

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

If ever there were two people who were MADE for each other, it would have to be Pete and Janelle. They had the most wonderful, glorious, laid-back wedding day we have ever been a part of, and it was SUCH an amazing experience to document their day. After their super cute first look they took a trolley to a bar with their entire bridal party for lunch. Then, after everyone was loosened up, we went around St. Pete for some pictures before heading back to the  Lyceum for their ceremony. There were some pretty fantastic performances all day, including a song sung for Janelle by her dad, and some of the most fabulous bridal party entrances we’ve ever seen! But that was just the introduction, because during their first dance Pete jumped about ten, yes I said TEN, feet in the air off of the stage. It was insanely awesome!

Their day was also made complete with perfectly styled details. All of the girls wore yellow bow tie necklaces, and carried these adorable vintage looking clutches. The guys all wore custom converse shoes, with the wedding date embroidered on the back, and some pretty awesome socks underneath : ) There was tons of baby’s breath throughout the reception, and the cutest tea cup centerpieces surrounded each uniquely framed table number. The cake was absolutely GORG, and included a tea cup of it’s own. All in all, in every sense of the word, this day was truly perfection.

Janelle and Pete, we hope you two have the most amazing time in Thailand! We wish you both (and Lola!) the absolute brightest future full of so much love and laughter.

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben





Dress: Vera Wang 

Shoes: Aldo

Hair & Makeup: Irena Bilka

Suit: Vera Wang

Photography: Sarah & Ben

Flowers: Sharen’s Flowers

DJ:Fastbreaks Entertainment

Photo Booth: Crash My Event

Catering: Catering by the Family

Venue: Mirror Lake Lyceum


  1. I wish you all the love this life have to give! Love a little bit more every day’s for give and for get as the day passing think before you said something that going to make you fell bad have a lot of fun Oh you allay did that ! Ok stay in love and have a lot of ? Good luck to two! With lot of love na Ivan &. Kate Lopez

  2. Kat Lopez says:

    God bless you with love! Ivan&kate lopez

  3. Carl F Begonia says:

    Awesome !!!!!!

  4. Ingrid Garcia says:

    I absolutely love LOVE this!!!

  5. Eliana Guerra says:

    Absolutely beautiful! You guys look amazing as always! Congrats!

  6. Kat Lopez says:

    So lovely

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