a fresh start

It’s here! Our new name, new brand, and new look! (And all in time for a new year.) But, if you ask us, this is the very best kind of fresh starts. Yes, things look a little different around here, and you won’t see any mention of our old business name. Ben won’t be called Mac anymore and nobody will think it’s only Sarah running the show (even though she likes to think of it that way ; )

We’ve got new print materials, a new client interaction process, and a whole slew (yes, we also use words like slew now) of surprises coming for 2013. But this fresh start also comes with a lot of old stuff that we’re pretty fond of. It comes with our same love of what we do, our belief in amazing images with an even better experience to match, and the same wonderful couples and clients that have helped us along the way. It’s still us working, living, and loving together in the way that truly makes our hearts happy.  In short, it’s the best of fresh starts because so much of what was already great has stayed the same. If you’ve been following us, we are so thankful that you made the jump with us over to www.sarahben.com, and if you are new here, definitely check it out. To friends both old and new, we say welcome, and we are so very glad you’re here.

With Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


  1. Christie Camp says:

    The new website and blog are AMAZING…just like you two 🙂 All the Best, Mike and Christie.

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