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Hey friends, Sarah here! I hope that your new year is off to the most wonderful of starts! Have you stuck with all your resolutions so far?! There is something so wonderfully exciting about the beginning of a brand new year. I spend hours upon hours daydreaming about all of the wonderful experiences and memories the next 365 days are going to bring, and love sitting down with Ben to write down our resolutions and goals for the year (which for this year includes eating a few less cupcakes ; ) During this time we also take a look at all of the systems we had in place during the previous year (for both our business and personal lives) and figure out if there’s anything that could happen a bit more efficiently or give us more free time for fun.

This year I’m happy to say that as we looked back at 2015, there were a ton of things that worked wonderfully, and today I’m going to share one of our personal life hacks with you guys. Friends, meet the Budget Notebook.Ashley Shelley Giveaway by Sarah & Ben_0002

I ordered one of these little cuties at the beginning of last year when I was looking to keep all of our financial records in one place. I knew I wanted something tangible, because while I am all for the paper free revolution that is happening, there are just some things I still require in good ol’ paper and pencil. And after a ton of searching I stumbled upon Ashley’s line of practical products in cute prints.

I love grabbing my favorite pen and writing out our list of expenses each month, then getting to check each off as I take care of it. (Is this the nerdiest thing ever? Quite possibly. But will you be hooked if you try it? Most definitely.)Ashley Shelley Giveaway by Sarah & Ben_0001

It’s gotten to the point where I actually don’t mind talking about our life budget or making a plan for our debt. And sitting down to do our bills at the start of every month has begun to be something I look forward to (Ok. Now that is DEFINITELY the nerdiest thing ever.)

Ashley Shelley Giveaway by Sarah & Ben_0003And because I love this little book so much, I am stoked to say that Ashley Shelley was sweet enough to donate one for one lucky blog reader!

To enter just leave a comment below telling us either why you’d love one or what one of your favorite systems is.

And for a super awesome extra entry share this post on Facebook, and then leave an additional comment to let us know you did.

The winner will be selected randomly and announced Tuesday morning! Good luck everyone!

Love + Laughs,



  1. Amanda McLeod says:

    That notebook looks amazing! I’m a pen and paper gal too, currently I use Erin Condren as a planner and have a mason jar sticker sheet to track debt. It’s not nearly this technical though! This looks amazing 🙂

  2. Amanda McLeod says:

    And I shared on Facebook!!

  3. Jessica Conte says:

    Budgeting is one of my New Years resolutions every year it seems like. And I’ve tried everything from excel spreadsheets to fancy online programs but none of them have worked. Maybe it’s time I go old school and try good ole paper and pen.

  4. Katie webb says:

    Okay this is strange timing, but perhaps not (since it is a new year and all.) Andy and I were just trying to plan a family budget meeting of the minds. I decided over brunch would be best- since, eggs. I think this little notebook might be the perfect little problem solver for our debt dilemmas. That being said, I’ll most likely buy one even if I don’t win. I long to look forward to bill paying (not sad- in fact, awesome)! Haha!

  5. Ashlea says:

    Love this! To be honest I could use this in my life! I plan to be more organized this year. Now that I will be a “wife”, I will be in charge of all the bills and this will help out so much! 😉

  6. Angela says:

    I’m a huge excel fan, mostly because my husband is and he does the budget. However, the idea of tracking the expenses due and our budget in a tangible manner may help curb my spending habits. I love this idea, plus it’s super cute, which means I’m more likely to use it. Whether I win or not, this baby is on my list of items to buy.

  7. Angela Champion says:

    I’m a huge fan of Excel, but that’s because my husband does the budget, and spreadsheets are totally his thing. While Excel is great, it does little to motivate me to participate in tracking our budget. I think having something tangible to carry with me will help me to be more thoughtful with my spending. Plus this is super cute and looks awesome, which means i’m more likely to want to take it out and use it. I’ll look to buy one even if I don’t win.

  8. Maria Yalch says:

    I make lists to keep track of my bills and debt management on plain paper notepads every month. This would be awesome! Hope you 2 are doing great. Happy New Year from the Yalch/Holtz crew xoxo

  9. Katie Holtz says:

    As newlyweds Bill and I are really trying to monitor and figure out our ‘together spending!’ This notebook would be an AWESOME way to do that! And of course, if Sarah loves it, I’ll love it too!! 🙂

  10. Denise says:

    I need to get our finances in order especially since my husband is approaching retirement

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