new year, new blog

Happy Monday friends! If you are anything like us then today is the first “normal” day of the new year, where you are finally back into your usual routine and getting back to work! And while we know for some people this may cause some groans and sadness that the holiday break is over, we’re just plain pumped! Today feels like the first official day of the Sarah & Ben Photography year, and we already have some seriously epic things on the calendar to look forward to in 2016. And if that wasn’t good enough, today is also the day we finally get to launch our brand spankin’ new blog we have been collaborating on with the ever so awesome Jennifer Gentry of Sarah & Ben Photography Blog_0001

We absolutely adore how well this new little home on the internet came together, and how seamlessly it flows with our website. The S&B brand finally has one perfectly cohesive internet experience, and this couldn’t make our hearts any happier!

We hope you enjoy exploring our new digs today, and that you come back often to keep up with the crazy that is our life and to love on our amazing Sarah & Ben brides and grooms.

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


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