the value of a moment

“Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory”

                                              – Unknown

The other day, on one of my many Pintersting (see what I did there?) adventures, I came across this quote. And after  very tidily pinning it to my quotes board, I moved on to pinning some pretty delish cake recipes. (Have you SEEN the cupcake atop a cupcake?!) But I still found myself thinking about those words, and how they applied so much to our day to day life, and what we as photographers do. I love so much that we get to capture moments for our couples. Moments that they may not realize are even happening, or that they may not remember later. Sideways glances, the just-right entwining of fingers as hands are being held. It’s these little things that are so easily overlooked yet hold so much meaning. 

I’ve said before that both Ben and I are guilty of being more aware of other’s interactions than our own. But the other day, as we took a mid-day family cuddle break, I thought of this quote and took a step-back. There we were, cuddling in bed with Charlotte. Me in one of Ben’s hoodies,  that is pretty much my most favorite thing to wear around the house. Not because of how soft it is, or because it’s just the right amount of over-sizedness. But because it’s his and, no matter how many times it’s washed, it always seems to smell like his cologne. We snuggled, we talked, and we laughed at how well Charlotte lays in bed in such a human-like way. I asked Ben to reach over to grab his phone for a picture, but he couldn’t reach it without moving her. “You’ll just have to make this moment a memory” he said. And I did, because (although it doesn’t happen every day) I saw the value in the moment while it happened. The smell of his cologne. The sound of Charlotte’s breathing, and the way it felt to be completely and utterly content on a random Friday afternoon, wrapped up in a down blanket with my two favorite things. And I’m so glad to have that as a memory.

Before we got up I made Ben take just one shot, even though Charlotte had moved. Because, I may be biased, but pictures are pretty great too. ; )


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