cross creek ranch wedding: amanda & kevin {part I}


She walked out of the door and across the lawn. The sequins of her dress catching the light just so, in a way that made her sparkle even more. But then, everything about this day was just MORE. More beautiful. More magical. More love-filled than any other. And as she walked towards the field, ready to see him for the very first time that day, she spoke. Not because she had to fill the silence, or for anyone else’s ears. She spoke because sometimes, when you feel something so true in your heart, it simply must be put into words. In a whisper she said “This is everything I dreamed”. And it was.

– – – – – – – –

 Amanda and Kevin and MARRIED and we can think of absolutely NO better way to start the new year off on the blog than with Part One of their wedding day. That’s right people, I said part one. Because there is absolutely no stinkin’ way we could cram this entire wedding day into one blog post. Just wait and you’ll see why. (Spoiler alert: there are TWO dresses AND a carousel horse AND juggling.) Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself with excitement. So let’s start at the beginning.

You may remember Amanda and Kevin from their all too adorable state fair engagement session, and if you saw it you will know that these two have some serious style. So it was totally understandable that we showed up at their vintage circus wedding beyond excited for what would be in store. Let us just say that any expectation we had was surpassed. Like far surpassed. In a way that left me in a state of constant goosebumps and tear restraining the entire day.

The wedding day took place at the stunning Cross Creek Ranch, which on it’s own is just about the cutest place EVER. And then Amanda and Kevin arrived and took the cuteness level from 10 up to 11. Amanda put on the first of her two gorgeous BHLDN dresses and went to meet Kevin for a first look. And after the smiliest first look we have ever seen the two of them decided to have a moment of calm in the day with a mini picnic. Because 1) Macaroons and wine are delicious and 2)That’s what you do when you’re ADORABLE. They had some snacks, some pre-ceremony cuddles, and even took a ride on the tree swing. Then afterwards they parted ways and went to get ready for the ceremony.

Oh, the ceremony. There are times in my life when I feel like I should be more emotionally prepared for things, and this was one of those times. Because when those church doors swung open, and the LIVE version of La Vie en Rose started being sung, I lost it right along with everyone else in that church. It was truly one of the sweetest moments I have ever experienced, only to be rivaled by the deafening noise of celebration that came at the end of the ceremony when the bride and groom were announced.

After the ceremony we got to hang out with the super fun bridal party (complete with clown noses AND feats of acrobatics) before Amanda went off to change into her second dress. And what happened next is SO adorable we promise you won’t want to miss it! Stay tuned for Part II!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


See you soon for Part II!



Photography: Sarah & Ben

Venue: Cross Creek Ranch

Hair & Makeup: Level Salon and Spa

Florist: Alta Fleura

Cake Design: Alessi Bakery

Dj/Band: Bill Mitchell

Caterer: Catered by Vesh

Videographer: Eli Meyer

Coordinator: Delana Barker

Wedding Dress: BHLDN

Reception Dress- BHLDN

Grooms Apparel: Mostly Banana Republic.


  1. Veronica Bleakley says:

    Beautiful!! Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Allison Leigh Sullivan says:

    beautiful! I just lost it all over again!

  3. Lance Spano says:

    these were great,thanks for sharing. all the best!

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