we’re getting married

Happy Friday friends! We are so stoked for today, not only because it is the start of an awesome double-wedding weekend, but because we’ve got a fun change to share with you guys! We are officially getting married. . . 


That’s right, we’re making things official and joining forces (and usernames!) and can now be found at the username below!


Why the sudden change you may wonder? Well, when your business name is just your name, it can be kind of hard to find usernames that work. Do you know how many Sarah & Ben’s are out there and in love? No? We’ll tell you. It’s a lot! Maybe our names are just meant to be together, because it seems like every time we go to start a new account somewhere the option of just being us is usually already scooped up by another one of our namesakes. So Sarah has taken to performing random checks on some of our favorite social media sites, hoping that other S&B’s would cancel accounts or switch to another name and on Monday something MAGICAL happened. Sarah hopped on Instagram for her normal check and there was a Sarah & Ben available!

We are pumped to have just one account now, because just like in every other part of our lives, we’re just plain better together! Be sure to follow along (if you don’t already you can add us quickly HERE.) Now that we are smooshing the two of us into one, we will be posting much more regularly, and sharing tons of behind the scenes peeks at our work and lives, as well as some of our favorite work!

And because every marriage should be started with an awesome celebration, we are doing a fun giveaway of some of our favorite fall goodies on our Insta account! So make sure to follow us over there then check out the contest info! 

If you are on Instagram and we aren’t already following you, most definitely leave your handle below!

Love + Laughs (+ happy Friday!)

Sarah & Ben


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