the little things: planes & pancakes

Hey friends, Sarah here! And so is pumpkin season! It is officially October, which means that even though it is still 80 plus degrees in Florida every day, the calendar is now giving me permission to break out all of our fall candles and decorations! (Can I get a big ol’ pumpkin spice scented woo hoo?!) September was a crazy awesome and busy month, and if the rest of the year flies by just as fast we will be ringing in the new year in no time! Last month we went through some major home construction, traveled to the Caribbean on a cruise and then to Tennessee for a dream wedding day, and got to shoot some pretty lovely sessions in between it all!

I know October is going to be full of even more awesomeness (including a super secret special project we can’t wait to share!) but before we move forward I of course have to look back on my favorite little things of September.

The Little Things: September 2015

The Pint-Sized Breakfast

There is a misconception in the world of Sarah & Ben that I am the only fur-crazy member of our family. Anytime someone sees a picture of Charlotte in one of her many wardrobe pieces or a video of her doing something silly they toss an eye-roll Ben’s way as if to say “sorry man, she’s crazy”. BUT, I am here to set the record straight once and for all, because ladies and gentleman, I give you exhibit A:


What you see before you is two human sized breakfast plates Ben prepared for us, accompanied by a much smaller version for the four legged member of our family. Yes, he made her the teeniest pancakes you have ever seen in your whole entire life! When he called me to breakfast a couple weeks ago and I was greeted with this, I laughed for what was probably a good five minutes before insisting I document the adorableness that was this meal. Is it possible to fall deeper in love with someone just because you realize they are every bit as weird and crazy as you? I think it just may be.


The Human Safety Net

During our vacation to the Caribbean one of the places we stopped was Saint Martin, and after seeing Airport Beach on a travel channel show we knew we had to go! It is basically a stretch of beach that sits right next to their airport, so when all of the giant planes come in to land they literally fly RIGHT over you. And as if that isn’t slightly terrifying enough, they have a special activity for the SUPER brave, which involves holding on to the ricketiest fence you’ve ever seen when the airplanes take off, blasting you with so much jet propulsion it will literally knock you right over. (I was just a little hesitant about that part to say the least). Because ya know, there is a giant sign that says DANGER! IMG_6648(Also, can we talk about Ben’s “B Boy Stance” in this photo?! Ever since we heard Macklemore’s “Downtown” he insists on B-Boying wherever we go!)

So we taxi’d over to the beach, and when we got there Ben was stoked to stand at the fence for a takeoff, and I was good with watching from the safety of the brick wall nearby. But after a bit of coaxing  (and him promising to keep me safe) I found myself at the fence, holding on for dear life, with Ben standing behind me to lock me safely in place. He was literally my human safety net. And standing there at the fence, I realized that’s pretty much how I think of him everyday anyways. Always there to catch me if I fall, and there no matter what life throws our way.

Even if it’s literally dust, dirt, and hurricane force winds.


Happy fall everyone! As usual I would love to hear about what little things made your September special, so be sure to leave them in the comments below! Because life is just plain better when we stop and notice them <3

Love + Laughs,


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