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Hi friends, Ben here! And today I have something to tell you about that I am positive will blow your socks (and/or bow ties) off!

As you guys know, bow ties are a preetty big deal around here, and because of that I am always on the hunt for fun new ones to add to my wedding day wardrobe. I have a ton of solids, stripes, and your typical department store patterns, but when Sarah came across I was pretty positive there would never be anything better in the tie world EVER. (Now don’t get me wrong, the keyboard necktie is pretty rad, but there is just something about bow ties that make you feel like the fanciest of gentlemen).

Tie the Knot not only has a ton of great patterns and colors to choose from, but they also bring in celebrities to design bow ties inspired by their lives/work. If you are obsessed with all things pop culture like me, then they have you will totally nerd out over all of the  amazing bow ties they have to choose from.

Sarah & Ben PhotographyBut more than all of this, the coolest thing about these bow ties is actually the reason they exist in the first place. Jesse Tyler Ferguson (who you may know as the hilarious red head from tv’s Modern Family) and his husband created this company to help support equal marriage rights for everyone (which is something we are pretty passionate about around here).

Their whole mission is to create a “more stylish and equal America”, and who wouldn’t be on board with that?!

Sarah & Ben PhotographyRight now they are running #TieTheKnot4Equality campaign, and until the 28th of April (when the marriage equality case is being presented to the supreme court) you can buy one bow tie and get a second one completely free! That’s right, you can support love AND get free stuff. I am positive there are absolutely few things better!

If you want to take advantage of this awesome deal, simply head to The Tie Bar, choose a bow tie, and use the promo code “Equality” at checkout. The Tie Bar will pick out a free bow tie to send to you at no charge, and you will have a mini surprise coming in the mail to either keep for yourself or gift so someone you think could use a little extra style ; )
Sarah & Ben Photography

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