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Mail time is always a preeettty big deal in our household. As people who work from home we not only view it as the time of day we make it a goal to be dressed by (which is usually 4:00), but the time that something new and exciting has the possibility of coming through our front door. It is not unusual to see either of us rushing out to the mailbox to see what surprise awaits that day, and either skipping in gleefully with a fun package (ala our 10 year old inner selves) or begrudgingly shuffling back with a pile of bills (ala our real life adult selves). But yesterday was one of those skipping kind of days, because we received some mail of the awesome variety!


Florida Bride Feature by Sarah & Ben_0001

Michaela and Ryan’s gorgeous September wedding day at Sacred Heart Catholic Church and the Vault has been published in Florida Bride Magazine! We are always SO excited to get our couples’ wedding days featured anywhere, but there is something extra exciting about getting their faces in print. We love the idea that brides who are planning will be able to flip through the pages and be inspired by all of the work our brides put into their wedding days, and that our couples get to relive all of their awesome memories in a different format. And I can’t lie. As hardcore fans of What Not to Wear, we got just a LITTLE excited that our work was inside of something that had Clinton Kelly’s face on the cover. I mean, that’s basically the same thing as meeting him. (Or at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves). We had SUCH an amazing time documenting this wedding, and are so excited to be able to share the love between these two with even more readers!

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