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the valley of fire


Mar 6, 2017

This time last month, we were making all the preparations to head out to Las Vegas for WPPI, so it is more than fitting that we are sharing this post on our first official day in Iceland! We can’t wait to share all of our adventures in the land of fire and ice (make sure to follow along on Instagram!) but before we do, we have to share one of our favorite parts of our trip to Sin City.

We loved everything about WPPI (and are most definitely going to share a highlights post in the future to help you make the decision if you’re thinking about going next year….spoiler – DO IT!) but our favorite part of the actual city of Las Vegas ended up not being Vegas at all.

We flew in a day early, with the plan of sightseeing around the fanciest of hotels and trying a buffet or two, but at the last minute we found ourselves at the rental car counter instead. These Floridians were officially hellbent on seeing the desert (or at least a real life cactus), so we hopped in out little rental car and headed out to the Valley of Fire based solely on something we had seen on Pinterest.

Well let us just say, that no pin or social media square could even begin to do this place justice. The rock formations are insane, the colors otherworldly, and yes, we even saw a cactus or two

(which left Ben more than a little excited ; )

The more adventurous one of the two of us had to take the opportunity to do a little roadside climbing, while the safer one was more than happy to document the adventure from the ground . . . 

and there were tons of little nooks in the rocks that were perfect for a quick break

(which is needed when you’re exploring the desert in a blazer and jeans).

There were so many stunning lookouts that we had to start limiting the number of times we pulled off the road for a photo break.

But REALLY, is this place not stunning?!

Obligatory photos of us with the desert.

Because DESERT!

As we were leaving our last stop we noticed this couple, just sitting together and admiring the view. And even though we didn’t know them we couldn’t help but snap this picture, because there was something so perfect about the two of them sitting there looking out, after conquering the whole thing together.

Hope your week gets off to an amazing start today, and if you’re in a chilly place like we are, stay warm!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


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