private ranch engagement: catina & hays

We stared at this blinking cursor for a while, before we could find any adequate words to start this post. Because the session Catina and Hays put together seems like so much more than any words we could use to describe it. Not only because it included some seriously gorgeous upscale style (that blush dress is like something from a DREAM), or because of the floral-filled swing (that Hays legit MADE for his bride-t0-be), or even because of the lovely light or beautiful property we got to explore. But because these two are just so incredibly sweet (not only together but to every single person they come into contact with) that it was impossible not to smile through every bit of shooting with them.

We headed out to Hays’ family property where we explored among the deer, tall grass and towering trees, and couldn’t help but laugh out of sheer giddiness at how much amazing scenery there was everywhere. And as good as it looked it had some serious competition, because these two looked even BETTER. We thought of making up a new word like “spranktulous” or “bamrivalent” because the normal ones like beautiful and gorgeous and stunning just didn’t seem like enough. But instead we just decided we’ll show you ; )

Catina and Hays, we had the best time with you guys and can’t wait to do it all again in October! Thank you for entrusting us with your vision for this session, we were honored to be the ones to bring it to life and loved every minute of it!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben



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