The Mermaid Princess

We set out to take a perfect picture of Charlotte in her mermaid princess halloween costume. You know, the one where she is sitting perfectly and smizing at the camera in her Charlottey way. There would be a slight smirk on her face and her crown would be just slightly askew in the way that makes everyone sigh out loud at the sheer cuteness of it all. But that didn’t happen. Because sometimes, things don’t go just as planned. Sometimes the perfectly ironed backdrop becomes immediately wrinkly because a certain someone can’t stop rolling over on it.

Sometimes your model, in their excitement for a Milkbone, won’t stop doing their dance trick and just sit calmly in place.

Sometimes they act completely and entirely 100% disinterested in having their picture taken. And instead sit day-dreaming about all of the other things they could be doing (like napping on the couch is SOOO exciting.)

And then they finally do decide to look at the camera, but only with a bit of attitude. Because models know they’re a pretty big deal.

Sometimes they pass on the starring role to their understudy. And sometimes they just decide to nap wherever there may be a comfy pillow.

Sometimes they decide they will cooperate, but only on the terms of a wardrobe adjustment.

Sometimes they try to send the waaay wrong message, and won’t stop seductively winking at the camera.

Then they decide to go full-on diva and attack their co-star.

And sometimes, just sometimes, after a million shots, your model finally cooperates. And lays just right, and smizes in the way only she can. And you realize that even though the backdrop is much wrinklier then you wanted, and she wasn’t positioned 100% perfectly with the light, that the entire thing is still perfect. In it’s perfectly un-perfect, real life sort of way. The kind that comes with a whole lot more memories, laughs, and love.


We wish every single one of you a safe and Happy Halloween full of perfectly un-perfect memories.

Love + Laughs,

Sarah + Ben


  1. Sammerz says:

    I’m crying at how adorably funny this series of images is. Love & miss you both, and can’t wait to meet Princess Charlotte!

  2. Cristi says:

    Love this adorable outfit! Happy Halloween!

  3. Hopalong Cassidy the Third says:

    I know why Charlotte was not 100 per cent committed to her craft, she was mourning for that which we had/cherished just a short time ago. I will see you again, my beloved. You are my siren of the sea, my mermaid of magical miracles. Wait for me, sweet Charlotte! PS I have to hitch a ride to you. Cassidy

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